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Igniting Minds

A constant touch with real life challenges is the biggest advantage we have at Goenkas! Interactive and dynamic Exhibitions are planned throughout the year to involve children, teachers and parents.

The Annual Art and Craft event is a show case of the talent and creativity of the child as an exploration of the myriad aspects of Art.

The Science Exhibition focuses on any relevant and urgent theme and is an exploration of ideas through working models, charts, displays, presentations and dazzling robotics.

All students get to participate alternately in Computer, Mathematics and Social Science and Languages exhibitions.

‘Explorica’ and ‘Igniting Minds’ are unique opportunities of dance, drama, cultural displays, game stalls, bill boards and artistic modules where students present an idea, a theme or a social message.

The School gives this platform that inspires a new league of thinkers to bloom and blossom.


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