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Heritage Walk Club

The Heritage Walk Club offers exciting opportunities to the children to learn about their rich culture and history. Such walks make the children appreciate the unique and composite culture of India as well as gain an insight into history of the world. We have done virtual tours of historic sites like Mohenjodaro, Hampi, Fatehpur Sikri, and monuments like the Sanchi Stupa, Mahabalipuram and Kailashnath Temples in India. The students were fascinated by these architectural wonders and gained an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the rich and varied legacy of India.

The class XI students also gained an understanding of humanity’s earliest accomplished art by visiting Cave art sites of early humans like the Altamira of Spain. This virtual tour gave them the unique opportunity to admire the paintings, perfectly preserved for thousands of centuries. These virtual tours were followed by interesting group discussions, where the children exchanged their ideas.

We also have virtual trips to the Indian Parliament and Gandhi Smriti planned for the children, as we come close to celebrating Independence Day on 15th August. We also have many more such heritage walks in Delhi planned for our children as they are the best way to learn and appreciate our rich and diverse cultural and historic heritage, like a visit to the Qutub Minar and humayun’s tomb. These heritage walks will be followed by interesting activities like group discussions, Quizzes, Presentations, poster making.

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