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“If music is the food of love, play on".

That's exactly what we follow in this society - learn, enjoy and perform. Western Music society encourages students to enhance their musical knowledge and perform as an ensemble or as individual musicians as they develop and demonstrate their learning abilities and skills. In this society we display a wide range of musical genres such as jazz, rock, pop, modern, and of course Classical etc., which are pursued passionately by the students.

For the students of Western Instrumental Society, a music program based on a quality curriculum is the key to success. The compositions learnt, played and performed by the society are not only unique but also inspiring and extremely grasping for the listener and giving students the exposure and a chance to express themselves.

Uniting and performing various musical instruments for orchestral works, we often talk about them as being part of a family. We learn and perform in an ensemble harmonizing different instruments, sometimes vocals along with the instruments which lead to development of new ideas.

Field of music is as large as the ocean and you take out as much as you can from it. The society aims to organize competitions, giving students the motivation to work hard on their skills. Time and again students participate in School morning assemblies, special assemblies, and Intra School functions and festivals. Students also enthusiastically participate in Inter School competitions and win laurels for the school.

Whether one prefers playing Piano, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass or Singing Sonatas or playing Drums, one can experience the highest quality of training to fuel the passion for Music in the tastefully decorated music studios. The Western Music studios facilitate students to exhibit their creative talent to be towards the road of a complete musician. These studios have definitely given a boost towards the learning experience of students. Western Instrumental Society works on developing the sense of artistry, expression and aesthetic sensitivity of every student.

Life is one grand sweet song, so let the music play.

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