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Grand Inauguration of Goenkan Sports Arena ! - 7th May 2024

Grand Inauguration of Goenkan Sports Arena ! - 7th May 2024

GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, a beacon of excellence in education, proudly unveiled the GD Goenka Sports Arena on the 7th of May 2024, a collaboration with renowned sports and event management company ITMagia and sports-tech firm Push Sports.

Nestled within our sprawling campus, this state-of-the-art facility spans an acre and boasts top-notch amenities, from a remarkable FIFA-approved artificial turf for football to four cricket pitches with bowling machines, courts for padel and pickleball, an indoor facility for basketball and badminton, and even a covered swimming pool with heating, promising to redefine sporting excellence. The GD Goenka Sports Arena will be a hub for fitness and well-being, operating beyond school hours to encourage continuous growth and development.

The inaugural event was graced by eminent personalities including actor and TV personality Mr. Rannvijay Singha, popular RJ Abhinav Singh, Mr. Abhinandan Sekhri, Co-founder and CEO of Newslaundry, Mr. Arpit Gupta, Managing Director, ITMagia, Ms Ananya Bhandare - Founder of jungly delights - a brand serving healthy nutrition bars , and Ms. Aneesha Labroo - Founder of Kica, a sportswear brand from the House of Nykaa Fashion.

Exciting football, basketball, pickleball and padel matches were held, with enthusiastic participation from Mr. Rannvijay Singha, Mr. Nipun Goenka , the school's alumni, and current students.

Managing Director of the GD Goenka Group, Mr.Nipun Goenka, the Executive Director of the GD Goenka Group, Ms.Radhika Goenka are at the helm of this visionary state of the art complex.

Their presence and participation motivated the Sports teams and other distinguished experts imparted an added fillip to the grand inauguration.

Exceptional sports facilities like the GD Goenka Sports Arena will also encourage widespread participation in sports to cultivate a culture of excellence. This will enable athletes to realise their full potential and propel India towards becoming a sporting powerhouse.

Nursery Annual Show: The Rainbow Fish 1st March 2024

Nursery Annual Show: The Rainbow Fish / 1st March 2024

Dive into a sea of wonder at our Nursery Annual Day! Our little stars took center stage with a heartwarming performance inspired by 'The Rainbow Fish.' Witness the magic as they not only showcased their developing gross motor skills, through choreographed dances. They also learned about the fascinating habitat of sea animals. Amidst the laughter and melodies, the timeless lesson of sharing shimmered through—inspired by the sparkling scales of the Rainbow Fish. The day was filled with joy, learning, and adorable moments from our little performers!

Glimpses of Glee!- 21st Dec 2023

Glimpses of Glee!
A Journey of Self-Discovery.

The Class IV Form Morning unveiled a tale where inanimate objects came to life, guiding our modern-day princess towards the magical world within her. From lonely moments to a symphony of laughter, she discovered that happiness isn't just a destination; it's a beautiful journey within.

Here's to dreams, hopes, and the world of stories that remind us where true happiness resides.

KG Show 'Giraffes Can't Dance'- 27th Oct 2023

KG Show 'Giraffes Can't Dance'!

The young talents of our Junior School Kindergarten class dazzled the audience with their enchanting dance performances, bringing the value of confidence to life through a captivating musical extravaganza titled "Giraffes Can't Dance."

The little dancers, with their boundless enthusiasm and confidence, left the spectators in utter amazement and admiration. It was a performance that truly took everyone's breath away!

Founder’s Day - 2023

Founder’s Day - 2023

The campus was abuzz with excitement and joy yesterday as we proudly stepped into our 29th year of continued excellence in education.

Here's a glimpse into the heartwarming celebrations, where our students, teachers, and staff came together to make the day truly unforgettable!

Embracing Global Rhythms!

Embracing Global Rhythms!

One Earth, One Family, One Future - That's the essence of our incredible journey as Goenkans.

Our talented first graders recently showcased the magic of diversity through dance.

Their performances were a beautiful blend of tradition, culture, and aesthetic fervor, leaving the audience spellbound.



Grandparents: The precious gems, the heart of our homes! They hold the threads of our past, stitching together a legacy of wisdom and values for generations to come.

Recently, our Junior School students had the joy of welcoming their grandparents on campus. Together, they embarked on a heart-touching journey filled with sewing, stories, and boundless love.

Through the art of sewing, our Little Goekans' discovered the beauty of patience, the power of precision, and the magic of concentration - all wrapped in the warm embrace of their grandparents.

Here's a glimpse of the love and learning that flourished on the unforgettable day!

Festive Janmashtami Celebration

Festive Janmashtami Celebration

The Janmashtami celebration was a vibrant and spiritually enriching event. The beautifully decorated stage was a sight to behold, adorned with colorful flowers and peacock feathers.

The festivities began with soul-stirring bhajan songs that filled the air with devotion. Students performed graceful dances depicting the life of Shri Krishna, showcasing his playful and divine aspects. The energy and enthusiasm of the performers were truly captivating.

Our principal, in her address, emphasized the profound teachings of Lord Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita. She highlighted the importance of duty, righteousness, and devotion, encouraging everyone to apply these principles in their daily lives.

The Janmashtami celebration served as a reminder of the eternal wisdom imparted by Lord Krishna and left everyone with a sense of spiritual fulfillment and joy.

DZGN EUPHORIA 2.0 / 4th – 5th July

DZGN Euphoria 2.0: A remarkable celebration of creativity and innovation!

We are delighted to share a report on the immensely successful DZGN Euphoria, an extraordinary showcase of talent, imagination, and innovation. The event comprised five captivating events: Pixelpedia, Advertizer, Magazinemania, Innophoria, and The Devil's Advocate. Each event provided a unique platform for participants to exhibit their skills, creativity, and passion. We extend our sincere gratitude to all the participants - over 20 of them in each event - for making these events engaging and memorable.

Pixelpedia: The Pixel Art Contest

Pixelpedia, the pixel art contest, witnessed an extraordinary display of artistic talent. Participants immersed themselves in the world of pixels, creating captivating pieces of digital art. Their masterpieces showcased vibrant colours and imaginative narratives, leaving the viewers awe-inspired. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the participants who contributed their exceptional artistry, bringing a mesmerising world of pixels to life.

Advertizer: Video Making on Car Brands

The Advertizer event showcased the power of visual storytelling through video making on car brands. Participants unleashed their creativity and technical prowess to create compelling videos that seamlessly blended brand narratives with captivating visuals. These videos evoked emotions, captured attention, and reinforced the enchantment of the automotive world. We extend our sincere gratitude to all the participants who crafted such remarkable videos.


Magazinemania celebrated the art of fashion and storytelling through the fashion cover page contest. Participants unveiled their creativity by designing stunning cover pages that captured the essence of fashion and its ever-evolving trends. Each entry narrated a captivating story, inviting us to explore beauty, individuality and self-expression. We extend our deepest gratitude to all the participants who showcased their artistic brilliance, reminding us that fashion is not just about clothing but a medium for self-discovery and personal expression.

Innophoria: The Startup Business

Innophoria, the startup business, celebrated entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Participants presented groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions to real-world problems, demonstrating their business vision for a better future. Their passion, ingenuity, and commitment to excellence were truly inspiring. We extend our deepest appreciation to all the participants who showcased their entrepreneurial drive, igniting the spirit of innovation amongst the viewers.

The Devil's Advocate: The Turncoat Debate

The Devil's Advocate event fostered critical thinking and intellectual exchange through the medium of turncoat debates. Participants fearlessly challenged existing notions, delving into thought-provoking discussions and embracing diverse perspectives. The debates were intellectually stimulating, encouraging respectful dissent and inspired the audience to question their beliefs. We express our sincerest thanks to all the participants who contributed to these engaging debates, expanding our horizons of knowledge and cultivating a culture of critical inquiry.

DZGN Euphoria 2.0 was a resounding success, thanks to the immense talent and dedication of all the participants in Pixelpedia, Advertizer, Innophoria, Devil's Advocate, and Magazinemania. Their contributions made the event engaging and inspiring, showcasing their exceptional skills and unwavering passion. We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every participant and the judges for making DZGN Euphoria 2.0 an unforgettable celebration of creativity and innovation.

Team Euphoria

Our Country, Our Pride/ 13th Aug 2023

Our Country, Our Pride

On a bright and sunny morning, the school premises were adorned with tricolor decorations, resonating with an atmosphere of patriotism and pride. The occasion was none other than the nation's Independence Day celebration and the school had organized a spectacular performance by its young students to celebrate the spirit of freedom and unity.

As the audience gathered, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation. The children, dressed in vibrant hues of saffron, white, and green, exuded enthusiasm as they prepared to take the stage. The young performers, with beaming smiles, showcased a series of meticulously choreographed dances and skit on India’s achievements. The event was a reminder that the future of the country is in capable hands, as these children carry forward the legacy of freedom and progress.


Investiture Ceremony 2023-24

Ability can take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

Awaken yourself to the power of your own mind to make things happen...

Once you do, the entire universe will align with you to create magic in your life.

GOENKAN GRANDEUR 2023/ 10th -13th May


The much awaited 13th edition of the Inter School, Cultural extravaganza, the Goenkan Grandeur 2023, in a glistening new avatar began on 10th May as a three day event.

On Day One, The Art, Spanish, German and English Literary events were held simultaneously after a beautiful opening ceremony where the Principal , Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni declared the competition open.

Eminent luminaries from the Art , Spanish, German and English Literary world were the special guests and judges for the day. The presence of these experienced mentors and experts gave the participants a great chance to showcase their talents and abilities. An overwhelming response from prestigious schools across the country brought the best teams to the fore .

On the Second Day of the Goenkan Grandeur 2023, the popular and much awaited Indian Classical Singing event had solo and team performances. The school Principal, Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni motivated all to trust their instincts and to follow their passion.

She appreciated that ' Virasat ' : A Legacy, the Raga based event, helped the talented singers to sustain their interest and skill in the Indian Cultural heritage.

An eminent panel of judges from the World of Indian Classical Music , appreciated the variety of genres exhibited and the high standard of preparation from the enthusiastic singers.

The Art event, ' Onirique ' was an On the Spot Painting event and the school art room was transformed into an eclectic art gallery with a wonderful collection of artist ingenuity and creativity on display. The luminaries and mentors from the Indian Art world were the expert judges for the day.

They encouraged and appreciated the raw and honest talent of the student artists and celebrated their journey into the surreal world of art and painting.

The Goenkan Grandeur's finale event was the Indian Classical and Folk Dance competition on Day three. ' Nrityadhara ' stunned the audience with its rich variety of dance forms. It was a vibrant journey into the depths of Indian culture through graceful and energetic performances that displayed gorgeous outfits, makeup and props.

The experts and esteemed judges from the Dance fraternity, were impressed by the range of talent and enthusiastic participation. The Closing ceremony celebrated the passionate fervor of the youth towards the National heritage and pride in the Indian identity.

The Principal, Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni, appreciated the fact that more than 60 teams had participated in this Cultural extravaganza. During the Prize distribution ceremony, she inspired all to follow their dreams and keep up the quest for excellence. She motivated all to return for the next edition of Goenkan Grandeur, where talent, skill and creativity is felicitated.

Form Morning - The World Of Blue/ 29th April 2023

A theatrical performance was presented on April 29, 2023, at GD Goenka Public School Vasant Kunj. by students of class VI.

The Form Morning event's theme, "The World of Blue," highlighted the necessity for water conservation in present-day society. The musical creation presented numerous examples of water waste in daily life and suggested remedies for reducing the loss of this non-renewable resource.

The occasion commenced with the Lamp Lighting Ceremony by the Principal, Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni, and other dignitaries, which was followed by a captivating musical performance.

Young Goenkans in colourful costumes delivered the significant message that "every drop counts" through songs, dances and theatrical performances.

Earth Day Special Assembly/ 21st April 2023

Special assembly on the occasion of World earth day was organized on 21 April this year in our school based on theme ‘Invest in our Planet’ and how we should conserve our earth and Mother Nature. The assembly consisted of a morning prayer, thought of the day, talk, Powerpoint presentation, small videos, skit performed by the students of class VII and poetry enacted by the students of class VIII that highlighted the importance of conserving resources for our future generations and how we as responsible citizens can try to reverse the effects of environmental pollution.

Nature club coordinator Mrs. Vidhi Sharma, talked about the significance of Earth Day and the students were reminded of simple doable actions towards saving Mother Earth.

Principal ma’am, Mrs.Meenakshi Bhakuni, culminated the assembly by addressing the students and emphasizing upon the importance of afforestation, sowing of seeds and the need for everyone to put together their efforts and get into action, in protecting our environment.

Goenkans celebrate Baisakhi as the festival of positivity!/ 13th April 2023

Baisakhi, often referred to as Vaisakhi is celebrated with great joy and excitement in the Northern part of India. The celebration is significant as a religious and cultural event.

Students from classes 6th to 8th presented a beautiful program packed with dance and music to commemorate the vibrant and auspicious festival of Baisakhi.

In addition to displaying soulful sufi singing, the energetic and boisterous students of Indian Vocal and Indian Dance groups also made everyone dance to the beats of bhangra and gidda, which was delightful to hear and watch. Our dancers' enthusiastic bhangra moves dazzled the spectators. Parents also attended the Special Assembly which added vibrant colors and a festive ambience in school.

Nursery Orientation Program / 29th March 2023

An Orientation program was organised for the Nursery class wherein the new parents were familiarised about the curriculum, teaching methodologies, rules , safety measures and parents being partners in progress for the little ones in their journey ahead.

The program commenced with a warm welcome to our esteemed guests and the ceremonial lighting of the lamp invoking wisdom and blessings on our young students. Our respected Principal, Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni in her address to the parents highlighted the crucial roles of both teachers and parents in shaping a child’s future. Our Junior School Headmistress, Ms Maanjeet Kaur gave a meaningful insight to the great learning experiences and opportunities offered to the students enabling all students to maximise their abilities, ambitions and academic potential in everything they do.

A virtual tour of the school was given through a PowerPoint presentation briefing the parents about the innovative activities undertaken for their all- round development. Parents were introduced to their ward’s respective class teacher, co-teacher and activity teachers. This was followed by an interactive session with the student’s respective class teacher in the Junior School building.

It was a great first step towards building a long lasting relationship.

Impressive dance performance by young Goenkans..... / 11th – 17th March 2023

Dance is an energetic and exciting event that allows children to express a wide range of thoughts and emotions.

The Goenkan Fraternity witnessed specially choreographed dance shows showcased by our Junior School students.

Dances on various themes like “Happy Feet”, “Healthy Squad “, “Shades of India “ and “ Think Green Go Green “ were confidently and gracefully exhibited by our young dancers .

With anticipation, excitement and delight, parents enjoyed the varied dance sequences so wonderfully performed by our adorable children.

Well connected threads of learning, values and social messages were depicted to create awareness.

The dazzling costumes, thematic backdrops and foot tapping music added captivating and amazing moments for our audience.

Our guests also got to view excellent artistic expressions done by our talented students showcased in an Art Exhibition.

Fun games, delicious snacks, photo booths and joyous interaction with the teachers further added memorable moments for the parents.

Republic Day Celebrations 2023 / 25th January 2023

GD Goenka Public School Vasant Kunj celebrated the 74th Republic Day of India with great pomp and splendour. The programme commenced with the unfurling of the National Flag by Ms.Meenakshi Bhakuni, the Principal of the school, accompanied by a rousing rendition of the National Anthem by the entire school. This was followed by a gala cultural extravaganza which comprised a soul-stirring musical performance, 'Lakshaya', an enactment of a poem, 'Swatantra se Gantantra', and a scintillating dance performance, 'Vijayi Bhav' by the Visual and Performing Arts Department. In her address, the Principal reminded everyone of the sacrifices of all the freedom fighters and exhorted the students to honour and abide by the tenets of the Constitution of India. The programme was an intense patriotic tribute to our freedom fighters and our motherland, India!

Citation Ceremony 2023
Aspire and Achieve !! / 20 th Janurary 2023

Goenkan students of the Class XII batch of 2023 participated in the solemn Citation Ceremony that was conducted in the school auditorium on the 20th of January 2023. Graduation from school entails an emotional and nostalgic farewell and the Ceremony was an opportunity for students to share their thoughts and receive inspirational messages, school mementos and blessings from their teachers and the Principal. The Citation Ceremony began with a beautiful and motivational welcome address by the Prefects of Class XI, who appreciated the brilliance and the overall positivity of this Batch of 2023.

The School Captains spoke with passion and nostalgic sentiments on behalf of the Graduating class. Shivani Mehra and Arnav Garg shared their emotional journey as Goenkans who have emerged victorious and their sentimental and hilarious anecdotes touched everyone. The Lamp Lighting Ceremony was the invocation to the Almighty for blessings and grace. The Principal Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni, gave the school memento to each student as they placed their lit candles on the stage.

The special message given by Ms Bhakuni was filled with gratitude and appreciation for ' the wonderful return to normal school life.

The words of hope ,encouragement and motivation left a lasting impact on all. Ma'am encouraged the quest for excellence and her witty, gentle and all encompassing tone soothed many stressed and frayed nerves.

Her words of wisdom urged the Goenkan class of 2023 to rekindle hope and faith in their potential.

The Citation Ceremony was a beautiful Felicitation to the graduating class of 2023.

Never Stop Learning!! / 19 th January 2023

The DZGN Euphoria 2022 was indeed an enriching and valuable experience for everyone who participated and helped organise the events. With the hope that you enjoyed this competition as much as we did organizing it for you, we will be back with the DZGN Euphoria in the next academic session.

Winter Wonderland / 23rd December 2022

Christmas is an exciting affair, the whole atmosphere was painted with Christmas decorations, food stalls, and thematic interiors. Caught in the whirl of fun and excitement, everyone enjoyed the unlimited sprawl of exciting games, and competitions, complemented by attention-grabbing food stalls. The students of class IX presented a glamorous fashion show depicting the French fashion era, whereas the Spanish students presented the Flamenco dance and made everybody dance to their tune. Last but not the least, the German students did a wonderful reindeer dance followed by traditional German folk dance.

Fun n Frolic! Nostalgia n Emotion! / 18th December 2022

December 18, 2022 - the evening of Alumni Meet in GDGPSVK is difficult to describe in words. The alumni meeting their old teachers, meeting one another after long ..... exclamations of joy, bear hugs, picture poses..... Amazed by the new look of the school, proud of their alma mater, many moist eyes could not hold the tears back!

Scholastic Excellence Awards Ceremony 17th December 2022

Goenkan Achievers felicitated. / 17 th Dec 2022

The Goenkan achievers were felicitated for their consistent academic excellence in an impressive ceremony witnessed by distinguished guests and the proud parents. The Scholastic Excellence Awards Ceremony was an exhilarating experience as the diverse talents of young learners were displayed with grace and elan.

The Lamp Lighting Ceremony by Principal, Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni to the melodious chanting of Prayers set the tone for a grand invocation to the Almighty through the medium of dance and live chanting of Mantras.

The graceful dancers mesmerized the audience and the young winners, received their certificates, star encrusted badges and accolades on stage. More than 200 students from Grade VI till XI and the CBSE school toppers were applauded for their achievements.

Santa Claus is coming to Goenkanland / 23 rd December

The holiday mood kicked in and festivities began as G. D Goenka Junior School celebrated the spirit of Christmas with fun, food and games galore. Christmas songs and carols filled the air and interactive games and activities brought the magic of Christmas to life.

The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was amply visible on the faces of the children.

Looking at the joyful Goenkans enjoying the day with a variety of games while they celebrated the spirit of this beautiful celebration with tremendous zeal was the essence of Christmas.

Social Science Month- Integrity And Inclusion / November 2022

Social Science Month ( November 2022) primarily revolved around “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” celebrating ‘Integrity and Inclusion’.

Its aim was to reaffirm India's patriotism, culture, and achievements. It was dedicated to the unsung heroes of India who contributed significantly to the freedom struggle. It was represented by primary sections through the role-play of historical characters, important events of freedom struggle by the primary sections, by Senior Section through postage stamp designs as a classroom activity and an inter-house postage stamp designs competition on Indigo Rebellion and Chintz Design, by the middle school through storytelling competition based on the Mughal Empire and Nationalism in India.

‘The Rashtriya Ekta Divas’ pledge taken by Grade-9 A, the celebration of Flag Day by the School, and a board presentation on Constitution Day evoked patriotic feelings amongst children.

A special assembly based on ‘Inclusiveness’ was presented by Grade 10E. To understand the local administration at the village level and create awareness about dealing with criminal cases, short skits were presented on Panchayati Raj and ‘Court Room’ by the Middle school.

Art was integrated with creative skills by the primary section to present “Incredible India”. Poster making on environmental issues, creative writing skills through ‘Letter to Czar’ (early 20th century), IT presentation on ‘World Civilization’, and brainstorming sessions on ‘Gender Equality’- Myth or Reality were some of the engagements of children of middle, the secondary and senior school.

An impactful skit on mental health was successfully presented by Psychology students. All the students were engaged in activities that evoked patriotism and sensitized them to the issues related to the environment while enhancing their creative skills.

Basketball is our passion !!

The 12th edition of the Gayatri Devi Goenka Memorial Inter-School Basketball Tournament came to a close on the 9th of November 2022.

The final day of this exciting tournament was filled with heartfelt passion for the game and adrenaline pumping matches. The closely contested final match for the Senior Boys was played between the host team and the team from New Greenfields School, Saket .

The host team won accolades for their enthusiastic and absolutely brilliant skills and the winning team from NGF School, impressed all with their sheer talent and dexterity on the court.

The Girls match between the host team and G D Goenka World school team was a great experience with the host team winning with conviction.

The Junior Boys team match played between the host school and NGF School, Saket was an exhilarating display of young talent with the host team winning easily.

The fun packed Nine days of this tournament revealed some great athletes in the world of Basketball 🏀 Kudos to the team members, coaches and the school management's support and enthusiasm for this game that has gained popularity in the NCR.

The highlight of the Closing ceremony was a power packed dance performance combining hip hop, jive, jazz and other high octane dance styles. This trailblazing choreography show cased the talent of over 400 students ranging from Grade 3 to Grade 12.

The Basketball court resonated with the energy and vibe of the dancers and the Prize Distribution ceremony was graced by the school Principal, Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni and she declared the tournament closed.

The various prizes were given by the Principal and the Officials and team Coaches were honored with mementos and tokens of appreciation.

The Vote of thanks was given by the school Sports Captain, Vanshika and she expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided by our Management to host this prestigious event.

The anticipation and excitement is already building up for more edgy face offs and closely contested matches to be played in the next edition of the Gayatri Devi Goenka Memorial Inter-School Basketball Tournament.

Junior School Appointments-2022

The role models, peer mentors, high achievers, and young motivated student leaders were guided towards a promising future by honouring them with Junior House appointment badges.


Setting new benchmarks in talent!

Let the festivities begin…
The much awaited 12th edition of the Inter School, Cultural extravaganza, the Goenkan Grandeur 2022, in a glistening new avatar began on 24th August as a three day event.

The Art, French and English Literary events were held simultaneously today. In a beautiful opening ceremony , The Principal , Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni declared the competition open. Welcoming the participants in the offline mode after a gap of 2 years was a reason for celebration itself.

Principal Ma'am felicitated the eager and excited students who were ready to explore their talents on this amazing platform. She appreciated the opportunity where new friendships were to be formed and edgy but dynamic face offs were to take place.

The pious beginning to the morning with a melodious rendition of Ganesh Vandana, set the tone for a wonderful day.

Eminent luminaries from the Art and French and English Literary world were the special guests and judges for the day.

An overwhelming response from prestigious schools across the country brought the best talent to the fore on Day One of the Goenkan Grandeur 2022.

24th - 26th August 2022

The Second Day of the Goenkan Grandeur 2022, the Inter School Cultural extravaganza in its 12th edition, had an unprecedented response with as many as 25 teams participating. The popular and much awaited Western Dance event had

solo and team performances. The school Principal, Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni motivated all to trust their instincts and to follow their passion. An eminent panel of judges from the World of dance and choreography , appreciated the variety of genres exhibited and the high standard of preparation from the enthusiastic dancers. The high energy, pulsating, melodious, foot tapping and rocking medley selections with amazing costumes, props and accessories set the stage on fire ! The passion for dance was the common element and each contestant seemed to steal the show. It was a closely contested event and a dynamic and meaningful experience for all.

The Art event had Folk Fusion as its theme and the school art room was transformed into an eclectic art gallery with a wonderful collection of artist ingenuity and creativity on display. The luminaries and mentors from the Indian Art world were the expert judges for the day. They encouraged and appreciated the raw and honest talent of the student artists and celebrated their journey into the surreal world of art and painting.

Collaboration, coordination, agility and grace reigned supreme on Day two of Goenkan Grandeur 2022. Every participant carried a special memory from today's hyper-competitive and creatively satisfying day.


The Three day Cultural extravaganza, GOENKAN GRANDEUR 2022 in its 12th edition, culminated with its most popular event the Western Music Competition. If Music be the food of love....play on !! Today was a feast that left the audience enthralled, exhausted and overwhelmed by the sheer joy of experiencing the best of musical talent in the city.

Soulful ballads, metal and rock at its spine-tingling best, pop, jazz, rhythm and blues....an amazing range of vocalists and musicians impressed all with their powerful performances.

The students were competing in two categories: the duet, live singing to a track and the Band , a true Coke Studio event with live singing, drums, guitars and keyboards.

The expert panelists were renowned musicians who appreciated the variety of skill, technique, showmanship , passion and enthusiasm of the students.

Each school displayed raw energy, gutsy creativity, emotional renditions and most importantly the pure love for Music.

It was a closely contested event with almost 30 schools participating. The home team brought the house down with sheer talent, stage presence, dynamic and dramatic singing and brilliant skills on the drums, keyboard and the guitar.

The Principal, Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni announced the winners of the day and felicitated the entire Music community.

The 3 day festival was a sterling platform for a kaleidoscopic range of talent. The Goenkan Grandeur awaits its next edition where these bonds of friendship and face offs will be renewed.

Van Mahotsav – 20th July 2022

On the occasion of Van Mahotsav, the Nature Club of GDGPSVK organised a tree plantation drive. The enthusiastic participation of Principal, Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni, the Heads of the School, the Section Incharges, the admin deptt, the teachers and the students of the club made it a joyful activity.

18 trees and 40 shrubs were planted on the school premises. An invigorating talk by the students of the Nature Club explaining the significance of tree plantation kept the spirit of Van Mahotsav alive. A photo session marked a befitting end to the programme.



Communicative, Idealistic, Inquisitive, Adventurous, Poised, Disciplined, Innovative, Resourceful and Confident!

These are only some of the words that describe the Goenkan Student Appointments of the year 2022-23. The school has prepared them to be leaders by promoting self confidence, self discipline and independent thought. Our Goenkan School appointments usually step beyond the academic boundaries to learn life skills and develop positive attitudes.

An impressive Investiture Ceremony was held on 3rd August 2022 in the school auditorium where the students took their oath of allegiance to the school motto, Higher Stronger Brighter! The Special assembly began with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni, the Head of Senior School Academics, Mr Amit Bhalla , the Head of Senior School Operations, Ms Menika Anand and other dignitaries. A beautiful rendition of the song A Million Dreams by the school choir inspired all the students to reach for the stars.

A very special element of the Investiture Ceremony was the presence of the parents of the school appointments from Class 12. The proud parents were invited on stage as the badges were presented by Principal ma’am to the young leaders.

The House Captains carrying the House flags and Members of the Student Council took position on the stage and the Class 11 House Captains also lined the aisles ready to carry on the legacy of their seniors.

The school flag was presented to the School Captains Arnav and Shivani by Principal ma'am and the two Captains administered the Oath to the new members of the Student Council.

A very meaningful and impactful message by the Principal Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni for the students and the proud parents echoed the sentiments of the teachers and their mentors. The enthusiasm of the entire group was evident as they were motivated to shoulder the responsibilities and renew their loyalty to the Goenkan school ethos.

Bastille Day

It was celebration time on the 14th of July at G. D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj.

Bastille Day, the National Day of France, was celebrated with tremendous zest on the campus of G. D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj on 14 July 2022. Students of French as a second language, in Classes 5-10, participated in the celebration. The little ones of classes 5 and 6 sang and danced to a popular nursery rhyme.

French cuisine was laid out and children spoke about different delicacies in addition to the facts about the French revolution.

Glimpses of life in France and the French culture was what the children took home on this day.

Library Month/May 2022

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero.

In a world where the information is changing, the ways to acquire it have also evolved. The constant throughout this change has been an institution named the library. A library is a school’s nerve center not only for academic learning, but also playing a vital role in activating imagination and nurturing the natural curiosity that is an innate part of children’s psyche.

The month of May was celebrated as Library Month in GDGPS. The reason for this celebration has been to create awareness in our students that books are indeed a man’s best friend, at every stage of life. Competitions like Design a Bookmark, Draw & Describe Favourite Book Character and Design a Book Cover were conducted which proved to be a perfect amalgamation of learning and fun among our young learners. Alluring work of art in the form of bookmarks, book covers and pictures of characters from books, painted by students, festooned the library.

Students participated in all the competitions with much interest and enthusiasm. We appreciate all the participants for their talent and creativity.


Get activated! Accept change!

Our choices shift and change the course of our lives. Let us do away with monotony and appreciate our own uniqueness in a positive manner. The English Department planned some interesting and challenging events and activities to get the creative juices flowing during April 2022 being celebrated as the English Month.

A thought provoking Mood Board was put up in each class where students could share and display their thoughts and opinions. Writing a daily Journal as an amazing tool for self expression and personal growth was introduced in each class.

Most students were excited to be back in school and the English Month became a vibrant opportunity for everyone to participate in some creative learning. Spell Bee was conducted from classes 3 to 12. Middle school students created colorful and unique collage style posters on the theme Back to School. Primary school students presented a Special assembly to showcase their talents. Group Recitation, Roleplay with a Super Hero theme, Show and Tell, Group discussions and sharing of Reading lists were some of the activities that were held. The Inter House Debate for Middle school and Senior School students became the ideal event for a very successful exchange of ideas and views by our eloquent and expressive speakers.

The team from Senior School also presented a Special Assembly taking us back to the Era of Shakespeare. The students presented Quotes, Sonnets, Soliloquies and extracts from Plays highlighting the universal appeal of William Shakespeare . A Workshop on the Appreciation of Poetry was conducted by the HOD English with selected Senior School students. The interactive program explored the historical and cultural aspects of the Major Poets and the overall impact that Poetry has on our daily life.

Experiencing Change as a Constant , the English department was encouraged and motivated by the Principal, Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni and by Head of Senior School, Operations, Ms Menika Anand and Head of Senior School, Academics, Mr Amit Bhalla.

The Activity Incharge, Ms Anisha Talwar inspired us to lead the way towards a dynamic new session with plenty of interesting and challenging events.

Baisakhi Celebrations !! / 13th April 2022

Baisakhi, the harvest festival of Punjab was celebrated with full spirit and enthusiasm in GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj. The vibrant morning assembly titled "Ayee Baisakhi" mesmerized one and all. The presentation showing golden farms transported the viewers to Punjab. The programme commenced with a powerful speech by Zara of class 4 who enlightened all about the historical importance of the festival. The lively singers of classes 4, 5 & 6 won hearts of the audience and the icing on the cake was the bhangra along with gidda and folk songs. The next item was a poem in Punjabi, recited by Japjot Singh Rajbans of class 8 and Harman Singh Rajbans of class 6. The finale was the energetic dance by class 12 girls ushering in hope, happiness, joy and positivity. Principal Ma'am congratulated the students for the wonderful show put up by them. Her words of wisdom inspired everyone.

Young Goenkans Celebrate Orientation Day !! / 9th April 2022

Young Goenkans Celebrate Orientation Day !!
It was an immense celebration of collaboration and confidence building that made Orientation day for Nursery students extra special at G D Goenka Public School Vasant Kunj.
The enthusiasm and excitement was palpable as each new student was welcomed into the Goenkan fraternity. The dynamic curriculum design experts and the experienced team of professionals put together a wonderful presentation to show case the Goenkan ethos. The Principal, Mrs Meenakshi Chauhan Bhakuni, enlightened the eager parents about the educational journey that their ward was about to embark upon. It was an opportunity for students and teachers and parents to interact and share their thoughts and ideas. This festive atmosphere set the right tone for a seamless transition into an ideal School environment that enables a creative and innovative platform for learning.

Orientation Programme /March 2022

To acquaint the parents of classes of 3 to 12 about the curriculum, co curricular activities and exam specifications to be followed for the year , Orientation programmes were organised by the school in the last week of March 2022, before the beginning of the new academic session 2022-23.

The parents were briefed about our expectations from them in the best interests of their children, through an online presentation conducted by the section and exam in-charges and teachers of different classes. The presentation which lasted for an hour, concluded with a Q/A session and was well-attended by the parents.

CITATION CEREMONY 2022 /16th March 2022

Why fit in when you were born to stand out." Dr. Seuss.
Goenkan students of the Class XII batch of 2022 participated in the solemn Citation Ceremony that was conducted in the school auditorium on the 16th of March 2022.
Graduation from school entails an emotional and nostalgic farewell and the Ceremony was an opportunity for students to share their thoughts and receive inspirational messages, school mementos and blessings from their teachers and the Principal.
The Citation Ceremony began with a beautiful and motivational welcome address by the Prefects of Class XI, who appreciated the resilience and the overall positivity of this special Batch as most of their time had passed under the shadows of the Covid times. The School Captains spoke with passion and nostalgic sentiments on behalf of the Graduating class. Prerna Maheshwari and Saanvi Sood shared their emotional journey as Goenkans who have emerged victorious from the tag of being the Covid Batch. The Lamp Lighting Ceremony was the invocation to the Almighty for blessings and grace. The Principal Ms Meenakshi Bhakuni, gave the school memento to each student as they placed their lit candles on the stage.
The special message given by Ms Bhakuni was filled with gratitude and appreciation for ' the wonderful return to normal school life. ' The words of hope, encouragement and motivation left a lasting impact on all. Ma'am encouraged the quest for excellence and her witty, gentle and all encompassing tone soothed many stressed and frayed nerves. Her words of wisdom urged the Goenkan class of 2022 to rekindle hope and faith in their potential.
The Citation Ceremony was a beautiful Farewell to the graduating class of 2022.

Inter-House Soccer Tournament for Senior Girls /22 February 2022

Storm on the Soccer Field
Ending the long wait created by covid period, Inter-House Soccer Tournament for Senior Girls (classes 6-12) was held on 21 and 22 February 2022. Donned in their house t-shirts, the resilient girls exhibited sharp skill of the sport on the field, generating a lot of excitement amongst the spectators over two days.
The final result stands as:
Winner: Vivekananda House
Runner up : Teresa House
3rd Position: Radhakrishnan House
4th Position: Tagore House
Well played, children! Congratulations!!

Surya Namaskar Challenge / 18 February 2022

A Tryst with Yoga by 1575 Spirited Goenkans
"Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body."
1575 students of GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj received certificates for their enthusiastic participation in the 750 million Surya Namaskar Challenge, the mega event organised by CBSE and supported by Ministry of Health & Ministry of Ayush, on the auspicious occasion of 75th anniversary of independence of India - "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav". The National Yogasana Sports Federation ran this project from 01 January 2022 to 07 February 2022.

Lively and spirited Goenkans, who never pass up an opportunity to participate in activities related to holistic growth, felt enriched by this experience.

Soccer Returns with A Thunder / 18 February 2022

The three-day league matches of Soccer Tournament of Senior Boys poured much thrill on the school ground and kept every spectator's adrenaline on a rush. The third day exciting matches resulted in: Teresa vs RK: 3-0 & Tagore vs VK: 2-1

The final standing of the Houses for Inter-House Soccer Match for Senior Boys is as follows: Winner: Tagore House

Runner-Up: Teresa House
3rd Position: Vivekananda House
4th Position: Radhakrishnan House

The excitement continues with Inter-House Soccer Tournament for Senior Girls being played this week.

Scholastic Awards Ceremony / 29 JANUARY 2022

In order to cope with the rapidity with which knowledge itself changes, today's students must seek to achieve academic excellence. At G.D. Goenka Public School Vasant Kunj, the annual recognition of this zenith of brilliance for its student community, is celebrated in the form of the Scholastic Excellence Awards Ceremony. This online event was held on 29th of January 2022 as an impressive felicitation of learning, talent, diligence and consistency in academic achievement.

The rendition of the Saraswati Vandana as the invocation to the Light of knowledge, was the opening for the Awards program. In recognition of the overall talent pool of the school, the melodious, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy set the harmonious tone for a wonderful acknowledgement of our gifted children.

The recipients of the Scholastic awards from class VI, IX, XI and XII were individually introduced, their range of interests were described and their rich profiles were presented with elan and finesse.

The Principal, Mrs. Meenakshi Bhakuni was very generous with her praise for these achievers and she inspired them to continue with their quest for attaining excellence in all their Pursuits. The collaborative efforts of students, teachers and parents are the road maps of a great experience for learning in school. We, at Goenkas take pride in such amazing events that motivate us to forge ahead and encourage all to explore their true potential.

Republic Day Celebration / 26 JANUARY 2022

It was a day to remember as the students of 9 D wore patriotism on their sleeves by putting up a spectacular assembly on 26 January 2022, commemorating 73 years of India becoming a Republic.

The programme began with the virtual unfurling of the National flag, followed by a talk on the significance of the Constitution, after which the children took us on an 'exclusive virtual tour' of the Republic Day celebrations showcasing glimpses of the parade: the march past by the armed forces, police and the para military forces, images of the National War Memorial and Beating the Retreat, tableaus of different states etc.

Mesmerizing vocal and instrumental performances, reflecting the children’s pride in their motherland, by The Indian Instrumental Music added vibrancy to the celebrations.

The assembly was much appreciated by Principal ma'am and her motivating words were a source of strength to our children. JAI HIND

Water Conservation / 24 JANUARY 2022

Water is an essential component of life and is vital for sustenance. Thus, water conservation has become the need of the hour. So, we should all stand together to conserve water to save life.

Spreading this message of saving water, students of Nature Club of G. D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj conducted a special assembly on 24 January 2022. Students highlighted some amazing facts about water. A short dance drama, 'DANCING DROPLETS' was enacted to motivate the audience to save water. The Principal, Mrs. Meenakshi Bhakuni, also inspired the students to join the mission of conserving water. The participants were Adyant Jain, Smera Sood, Advaita Nair, Nehmat Kapoor, Ananya Chakraborti, Siya Rai, Suhani Bagga, Ritwik Gupta, Ayush Yadav, Radhya Mahajan, Karnik Gupta & Abhav Mehra. Special thanks to the members of DZGN Club members - Shivani Mehra, Arnav Garg and Deepshikha Sharma, and Mehak Arora for their valuable contribution.

Goenkan Tech Fest 2022 / 21 JANUARY 2022

The 2nd Edition of the Goenkan Tech Fest conducted by the Goenkan Tech Guild was a resounding success. The 9 unique and exciting events received as many as 300 entries from schools across India. The dynamic collaboration between tech wizards, alumni achievers and state of the art guidance of experts created a week-long buzz of intense competitions.

The Closing ceremony shared vignettes of this interaction and also revealed a glimpse of the sterling level of preparation and planning that lead to this exciting journey. Words of gratitude and appreciation were exchanged between the Tech guild members and a promise to return with an amazing 3rd edition was also made. The words of encouragement and motivation by the Principal, Mrs Meenakshi Bhakuni kept the spirits high and the adrenaline pumping, super charged, socially conscious and AI driven efforts of the participants were the jewels in the Goenkan crown of Inter school events.

Investiture Ceremony / 22 JANUARY 2022

The much awaited Investiture Ceremony for the Student Authorities for the year 2021-22, was held in a beautiful online format on 22nd of January 2022. .

'Work for a cause, not for applause.

Live life to express, not to impress.

The enthusiastic and bright faces of the student leaders exemplifies the best of the school ethos and the deep connect with core values and the sterling standards of excellence. These young individuals hold responsible portfolios in the field of Sports, Extracurricular activities, Academic achievements and overall code of conduct. They are role models and aspire to create a Goenkan spirit of camaraderie and team spirit.

The school oath inspires all students to strive for ' honest dealing and clear thinking ‘, it upholds the choice of the ' harder right instead of the easier wrong'. The ceremony was a spirited response to the challenge of difficult times. The words of the Principal, Mrs Meenakshi Bhakuni encouraged the students to uphold the light of positive and proactive planning and to face the future with zeal and a zest for life. Her thoughts echoed the school motto ...Higher Stronger Brighter!

Math Month Celebration / 24 DECEMBER 2021

"Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit." It has been rightly said by Stefan Banach, a famous mathematician. Mathematics is a powerful tool for global understanding and communication that organises our lives and prevents chaos. Mathematics helps us understand the world and provides an effective way of building mental discipline. Mathematics can be fun, challenging, hands-on, and applicable in real life. To celebrate the spirit of mathematical learning, experience the joy of the mathematical sphere, and explore various mathematical concepts in a creative manner. December 2021 was celebrated as Mathematics Month.

Backed by rigorous planning, the mathematics team successfully conducted a fun-filled celebration of Math Month that brought forth maximum participation from students. The display of mathematical terms and their application in real life, activities, games, quizzes, songs, and interesting facts caused quite a buzz among the students, and students were seen challenging themselves with various math month activities. It was a fun- filled and joyful month of learning for the Goenkans, who exhibited unparalleled excitement and actively participated in all activities during Mathematics Month.

The Language Month (French/Spanish/German) Month Celebration / 30 NOVEMBER 2021

The month of November was observed as the Language month in GDGPS, V.K. The world is a melting pot of cultural diversity today. This makes foreign languages a key to growth and understanding this globally diverse domain.

The students got a vast range of exposure to Foreign Languages. There is a need for inculcating a sense of pride and importance for the second and third languages that the students’ study as part of their curriculum. Keeping this in mind all the students were given an opportunity to make presentations in their language and performed a lot of activities in online and offline classes.

In course of this month, the students discover authors, writers, storytellers or illustrators from all over the world. This encounter is the opportunity to celebrate the language in all its diversity and all its forms. The global importance of each language in today’s world was highlighted and students were encouraged to maximize their resources for the best learning experience possible. Teachers motivated the children to choose and read different Language books from our ever-increasing multilingual library online.

Each Department put up a variety of cultural programs where students showcased their language skills in a skit, song, speech, and colourful activities. The students even showcased their culinary skills through ‘ćooking and presentation’’ The successful completion of the celebration of language Week was attributed to the driving force of the supportive management, constant guidance of the dynamic School Principal, inspirational mentoring of the IT dept. and the vibrant & energetic teachers of the language Department.

Fit India Freedom Run 2.0/ 13 AUGUST to 2 OCTOBER 2021

Fit India Freedom Run 2.0, a nationwide campaign, conceptualised by FIT India Mission to commemorate the 75th Independence Day, was launched on the concept of "Physical Virtual Run" in a continuum from 13 August to 2 October 2021 to encourage fitness.

250 students of GDGPSVK enthusiastically participated in this event and every child has been awarded a certificate. This has also earned the school a certificate. We are proud of our Goenkans for responding to this initiative with alacrity.

Senior school students returned to school in a phased manner to resume their studies in the swanky, newly renovated building.

Greeted with blessings and enthusiasm, the students were happy and excited to enjoy their experience of being back with their friends and teachers. With all Covid protocols, safety precautions and SOPs in place, classes have resumed for Second term and the overall buzz on campus is indeed setting a direction towards healthy interactions and the new norm.

IT EVENT / 21 & 23 August 2021 Coding, Robotics & AI Workshop by IIT ALUMNI

A two-day workshop was conducted by Rancho Labs for school students to kickstart their journey in the field of Coding, Robotics, Games and Apps. Students from classes 6 to 10 participated and were taught by IIT Delhi alumni, with the aim to ignite curious minds and shed light on lucrative career paths in AI, coding, and robotics through experiential learning.
Keeping up with the current technology trends Goenka believes in providing learning opportunity to our students to prepare them for the future.
Students had fun learning how to program an Arduino Board and use Teachable Machine to program AI. The workshop comprised two interactive sessions and everyone made the projects on the spot. It was a memorable and impactful learning experience to students. The event was coordinated by Anjali Raman.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations / 10 September 2021

Budding Artists of Grade - 1 of the Junior Wing , participated and performed in the special Assembly with full enthusiasm, showcasing their talent with sheer confidence. Students through their enchanting performances praised and worshipped Lord Ganesha, seeking his blessings of knowledge and wisdom . “ Ganpati Bappa Morya”

Teachers’ Day Celebration / 5 September 2021

To make the Teachers' Day memorable for their mentors, Goenkans presented a special assembly full of entertainment, on the virtual platform. Divine blessings were invoked through the morning prayer. The witty delivery of news triggered bouts of laughter. Profound sentiments were expressed through spirited recitations and speeches, acknowledging the challenges faced by teachers and thanking them for being the constant driving force. A meticulously planned cultural programme, complete with humorous skits, melodious songs, soulful musical performances and graceful dances was enjoyed far and wide through the live streaming on YouTube. Heartfelt expressions of gratitude left every teacher overwhelmed.

Goenkan Tech Week Version 2.0/ 25 AUGUST 2021 to 31 AUGUST 2021

After an impressive and successful week dedicated solely to technology last summer, the Goenkan Tech Guild presented the next edition of the illustrious ‘Goenkan Tech Week’ in August 2021. The event was organised over the course of seven days, from 25 August till 31 August. During this week, the core team of nine creative geniuses concocted superlative competitions with new, state-of-the-art events for participation by classes 3-12. The challenging competitions were designed to unleash a surge of creativity. 300 students sent their willingness to participate, of which thirty entries were shortlisted. The participants emerged triumphant in merging their tech skills with their boundless creativity. After yet another successful tech week, the Goenkan Tech Guild urges the students to keep transforming their dreams digitally. Technology is symbolic of not only growth, but also progress in modern day art and expression. Such events help participants tap their potential.

Social Science and Humanities Department Month Celebration / 31 August 2021

August 2021 was celebrated as Social Science and Humanities Month.

Diverse topics were covered, ranging from environment and historical past to freedom struggle and administration in India.

This month provided a common forum to the students at different levels to explore their bent for creativity, art and theatre while learning digital skills.

The subject related activities led to experiential learning and smartly included art integration. These activities dealt with functioning of village panchayats, organising mock parliamentary sessions, designing travelogues for visits to heritage sites, creating visuals of the Mughal period monuments and famous battles, role-play as Akbar's nine gems, designing party symbols and writing manifesto for an election. Social messages and environmental awareness were also made a part of it. Talks were organized by the students of Psychology to discuss non-verbal communication and stress management.

All the sessions were conducted on the digital platform. The teachers and students came together to add meaningful and learning experiences to this month.

Janmashtami Celebration / 30 AUGUST 2021

Janmashtami, the festival commemorating the birth of Lord Krishna, was celebrated with traditional fervour and reverence by the students of class 9-C on 30 August 2021.

It was a spectacular depiction of the story of Lord Krishna's miraculous birth. We witnessed vivid scenes of Krishna's birth in prison as Lord Vishnu's eighth avatar, his protection by the red-headed snake when he was crossing the raging Yamuna River, his exchange in the city of Gokul with Nand's daughter and Krishna growing up as Yashoda's son. The prophecy from the heavens comes true as Lord Krishna kills the evil king Kansa, thus ending his tyrannical rule.

Exquisite quotes from the Bhagavad Gita were recited by the children exhorting humans to take life lessons from the teachings of Lord Krishna.

The assembly ended on a joyful note as the girls turned into mini-incarnations of Radha, dancing to the songs sung in praise of Lord Krishna, the embodiment of pure bliss and love. Principal Ma'am lauded the efforts of the children in bringing alive the teachings of Lord Krishna through the assembly, reiterating the need to follow his tenets in essence and spirit. Jai Shri Krishna!

Independence Day Celebration / 15 AUGUST 2021

The special assembly to commemorate the 75th Independence Day of our country was marked with traditional ardour and gaiety as the children of the middle and secondary school reminisced about the golden past, reminding us of the magnificent splendour of our country before the arrival of the British.

The patriotic mood was set from the very beginning as the ‘path to freedom’ unfolded vividly before our eyes from the “Jallianwala Bagh tragedy” to the “Chauri Chaura” incident, the events that served as milestones in the struggle for independence.

The rendition of patriotic songs by our talented students, interspersed so beautifully throughout the depiction, further whipped up our nationalistic feelings. At the culmination of the program, we were reminded of the sacrifices of our great martyrs, whose selfless acts of valour have made it possible for us to breathe in a free country today.

Heartfelt tribute was paid to the soldiers who risk their lives every day for the safety of the country. Principal ma’am, wishing the school HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, congratulated the children for putting up a wonderful assembly and inspire the children to be true citizens of the country, as nation always comes first! Jai Hind!

Hindi Month Celebration / 31 JULY 2021

G.D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj celebrated the month of July as Hindi Language month. During the month various interesting activities took place. Children from the primary, middle and senior section all displayed the creative side of their personality. Activities like reusing resources available at home and creating decorative articles from them. Dramatisation of Chapters, Role Play, Recitation of Poems, Dohas, conducting Interviews etc introduced children to their own better version. Beautiful presentations were done enthusiastically with the help of technology bridging the gap between virtual and real classrooms.

Children also participated in film making competitions on various topics based on their chapters. Assembly in Hindi was presented during this month. Throughout the month, the day started with motivational posts by the HOD which contained valuable quotes with relevant meanings which were also uploaded on the school Instagram and Facebook pages and was much appreciated by parents as well as students.

Mission AI Bootcamp 2 /17 JUNE 2021 to 1 JULY 2021

We are pleased to acknowledge the successful conclusion of the Mission AI Bootcamp organised by STEMpedia from 17th June 2021 to 1st July 2021. During the event, the students of grade V to X attended the online webinars aimed at introducing students to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. We congratulate all the participants for their enthusiasm and efforts towards understanding the much-needed concepts for the future. We extend a wholehearted vote of thanks to the STEMpedia fraternity, for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. STEMpedia dedicates itself to spreading knowledge about emerging STEM fields by the means of learning-by-doing and will be more than happy to have opportunities for educating at your premises in the future.

The event concluded with a competition. Budding Artificial Intelligence Techie, Kyrell Kochar of class VIII E won a prize for her AI project. She created an APP, HELPODOCO. The main objective of this App is to help and support doctors, work staff and even patients at the hospital. It is made in honour of all the doctors who lost their lives during this pandemic.

This is second consecutive year that the school has been awarded “EXCELLENCE IN ARTIFICIAL EXCELLENCE”. All the participants were awarded Certificate for their enthusiastic contribution.

Performing and Visual Arts Month Celebration / 30 JUNE 2021

Performing and Visual Arts provide a platform for students to express their creativity as well as develop their personality. Through the medium of the Arts, they are able to think creatively and improve their mental and imagination skills.

The Department of Performing and Visual Arts at G. D. Goenka Public School celebrated the month of June as a dedication to the Arts and Artists, both Indian and international. Informative posts, uploaded daily, created a lot of interest with their creativity, critical thinking, quotes, facts and much more. The idea was to enhance the artistic literacy, knowledge and understanding required for participation in the arts, thereby helping the students to create, perform, produce, present and respond to the art forms. These daily inputs must have definitely helped the students to connect with some of the legends and their works. The desire to create will always be the deepest yearning of Goenkans.

National Reading Day / 19 JUNE 2021

Our school celebrated National Reading Day on 19th June with online reading related activities to honour the life and works of Shri Puthuvayil Narayana Panicker, the father of Library Movement in Kerala. As rightly said by Vera Nazarian, “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light”. Thus, to promote and encourage reading among students, the library department organized various activities like Read a Book Challenge, Poster Making on the theme Reading Matters etc. The students thoroughly enjoyed this event as it ignited the minds of the young learners. It was an enriching experience for the students to showcase their creative expressions.

Since reading holds tremendous significance in student’s life, this initiative taken by the school will surely be instrumental in bringing a positive impact on fostering reading culture in our school.

English Month Celebration / 30 APRIL 2021

April 2021 was observed as English month in G. D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. A plethora of interesting and interactive activities were organised by English Department - Spell Bee, Creative Writing, Vocabulary Games, Doodling, Goofy Grammar, Poetry Recitation and Extemporaneous Speaking kept the classes 3 to 12 engaged throughout the month.

A riveting performance by the senior students showcased the unparalleled contribution of William Shakespeare to the world of theatre in the Special Assembly on Shakespeare, premiered online

On the various social platforms of the school, English Department kept everyone entertained by providing joyful learning through informative and enriching posts.

Earth Day Celebration / 22 APRIL 2021

A Special Assembly was premiered on the occasion of Earth Day, which was conducted by the Nature club team of G.D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj.

It started with morning prayer, news and a thought of the day. A Pledge was taken on Earth Day to protect the earth from pollution and abuse.

Nature Club team expressed their views to prioritize earth protection.

Assembly also had a beautifully recited self-composed poem followed by a mellifluous singing. A balletic and graceful dance, added the finishing touch in emphasizing the importance of afforestation, planting of trees and the need for everyone to put together their efforts and get into action, in protecting our environment.

Baisakhi Celebration / 13 APRIL 2021

Marks the beginning of the harvest festival across the country, and we at Goenka never miss a chance to celebrate any such festival. So, keeping up the festive spirit our students put up a special assembly to mark the beginning of the Hindu new year / the harvest festival / welcoming the sunny summer in an all pepped up mood. With dances, poetry and even the teaching of the GURU.

Orientation Ceremony / 10 APRIL 2021

The Orientation Ceremony to welcome the Nursery students and their parents was conducted online at GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj.

The excitement and enthusiasm of the new stakeholders was indeed palpable as they were welcomed by the school management team. The Google meet lead the parents through the Planner and the timeline of the academic pursuits and acquainted them to the revamped Goenkan ethos and environment.

The parents had a virtual interaction with the teachers of the Preprimary section and they could build the rapport with the Nursery teachers’ team.

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