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Ms. Meenakshi Bhakuni

G.D. Goenka Public School. offers opportunities for all students to achieve excellence


It started with a dream - a glorious vision to create an ambience conducive to creative learning.

January - 2023

DZGN - Euphoria : Entry Submissions
Endorser: VI-VIII
Advertizer: VIII-XII
Web Architect: VIII-XII
Chief Editor: VIII-XII | Class VI-XII | 12.01.2023
Pre-Board 2(Contd.) Theory Examination for classes X & XII | Class X & XII | 16.01.2023 to 23.01.2023
Assembly by XI-D | Class XI | 17.01.2023
Relay Race | Class Nur-II | 18.01.2023
Science Month Celebration: Sci-toon Making | Class VIII | 18.01.2023
Inventor's Day | Class Nur-II | 20.01.2023
Activity related to the theme for the month 'Water' | Class III-V | 20.01.2023
Citation Ceremnoy | Class XII | 20.01.2023
NIWD | Class Nur-XII | 21.01.2023
Science Month Celebration: Poster Making | Class VIII-XII | 23.01.2023
Science Month Celebration: Science Symposium | Class XI | 24.01.2023
Assembly by IX-E | Class IX | 24.01.2023
Commerce Olympiad | Class XI-XII | 24.01.2023
Social Science Olympiad | Class III-X | 24.01.2023
Science Month Celebration: Book Mark Making | Class VI | 25.01.2023
Republic Day Celebrations | Class Nur-XII | 25.01.2023
Assembly by VII-C | Class VII | 27.01.2023
Science Month Celebration: Presentation on Environmental Issues | Class VI-X | 27.01.2023
Kitchen Activity | Class Nur-II | 27.01.2023
Assembly by XI-E | Class XI | 31.01.2023
Science Month Celebration: Talk on Nature's Remedies-Ayurveda | Class IX | 31.01.2023
Science Month Celebration: Interclass PPT Presentation Competition | Class IX | 31.01.2023


The school rises above the confines of conventional teaching. Students are empowered to meet current and future challenges.

Learning is enabling the individual to utilize his/ her potential to its fullest. Without education, the training of the human minds is incomplete.

29 Years of Excellence G.D. Goenka Group


In 29 years, GDGPSVK has gained a firm foothold on the national arena with new expansions in infrastructure and a dynamic curriculum

The Goenkan odyssey has revolutionized the way education is perceived and given it a new meaning and direction.

In a revamped version, the school incorporates 21st century skills for a complete New Age learning process.

With a redefinition, refinement, reimagining and reinventing of our goals, the school has regained its iconic stature as a trendsetter in education.

New frontiers of standards are evident here. All students become lifelong learners through efficient systems and processes to optimally realize their potential. An all-embracing new curriculum design meets the demands of the NEP with a stress on meta cognitive awareness that facilitates the process of Innovation and research.

The inter disciplinary projects based blended learning with focus on a progressive pedagogy, nurtures the emotional health and social awareness and responsibility of the students.

A brand new, child-oriented environment, where classrooms are arranged for challenging play and learning choices for a range of developmental levels has been redone with new design elements.

All laboratories, dance, art, music studios, tab lab, virtual reality lab, sports facilities, playground, cafeteria, library, transport and activity areas are revamped according to sterling standards. The aim being that students can explore, experience, enhance and most importantly excel in and enjoy!!

The objective is not just to instruct but to inspire and instill a quest for new Pursuits…. not to merely learn but to acquire emotional maturity and spiritual insights.

Our aim is for children to be enlightened in mind, enriched in character, empowered to forge ahead and encouraged beyond belief to be creative thinkers, world citizens and responsible individuals.

Passion and potential and purpose find a new direction at GDGPSVK.

A new generation of learners learning to expand their horizon, spread their wings towards change and empathy and empowerment. These trendsetters thus face life with finesse, elan and equanimity!

Student Achievers @ GDGPS

Class XII:2021-22

Class X:2021-22

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