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Application Form

General Information

I/ We are considering emrolment in Grade/ Class       with effect from       month/ year.
Have you ever applied for admission at G. D. Goenka Schools    Yes        No   
If YES, when? Academic Year        for which Class   

Personal Data Of Student

Surname       First Name       Middle Name   
Date of Birth       Age as on 1st April, 20_: Years       Months       Nationality   
Sex    Female       Male       Mother Tongue       Languages spoken at home   
Permanent Address   
City       Pin Code       Country       Email address   
Home Tele#       Mob#       Emergency Contact No.   
Mailing Address   

Health Information

Allergy/ Chronic ailment       Physical handicap disability   
Any other health problem   

Educational Background

Name(s) of previous and present School(s) attended   
City/State       Country       Form       To       Reason for leaving   
Has the child ever been Expelled/Rusticated/Not promoted to next class by any School?    Yes       No   
If Yes, Please give details:   
Upload Marksheet / report card:   

Parents'/Guardians' Information

Father's/Guardian's Name       Age       Nationality       Education/University   
Mother's Name       Age       Nationality       Education/University   
Relationship with Child       Are parents living together    Yes       No   


Father's/Guardian's Profession/Occupation       Annual Gross income   
Office Address   
Telephone       Fax       Mob#       E-mail   
Mother's Profession/Occupation       Annual Gross income   
Office Address   
Telephone       Fax       Mob#       E-mail   

Other Relatives Information

Real Brother/ sister 1.Name       Age       School attending/ attended   
Real Brother/ sister 2.Name       Age       School attending/ attended   
Relatives who are studying/have studied in the G.D. Goenka Schools   
Name       Class       Year of joining       Relationship   


Name       Designation       Telephone   
Address       City/State       Pin Code   
Name       Designation       Telephone   
Address       City/State       Pin Code   


School Bus facility    Yes       No   


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Note:- Documents to be attached:

  • For class III and above, previous 3 years report cards.
  • For the year 3, the second term marksheet for all classes and pre board marksheet of Grade 11 will be considered for year 2020.
  • For class III and above, Transfer Certificate to be produced at the time of admission. In case of Inter state students, the Transfer Certificate should be counter signed by the education officer.

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