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Notes of Appreciation

Principal/Teachers/All the Members of the G D Goenka School

It gives me immense pleasure in Sharing that Gauri Bahl has been offered Admission to University of California, Berkeley for the fall semester of 2022.

There’s no way I can ever thank you for you being such an awesome Principal/Teacher & the Entire Teaching Staff from the very first day of School.

You’ve stuck by us through the good ones & tough times. The entire G D Goenka Faculty has been very patient & encouraging. We are extremely lucky that Gauri has got this wonderful School to receive such good values , quality education & overall development- Sports/physical/mental throughout her career by the School. You’ve taken extra special care of Gauri.

Thanks for all your support & cooperation. You went beyond what anyone could ever ask. Our Family thanks you & will keep you in our hearts & always in our prayers.

Parent: Minni Bahl & Kamal Bahl
Student: Gauri Bahl
Class & Section: 12 B
Batch: 2021-22

Thank you for teaching in these unprecedented times and through challenging means, it couldn’t have been easy, thank you once again, loads of appreciation from me to you, hope we get to see each other soon. Wishing all the teachers health and happiness.

Parent: Deepika Saxena and Deven Saxena
Student: Devina Saxena
Class & Section: 10 D
Batch: 2021-22

In the challenging times of virtual learning and in coping with the technical difficulties of imparting education on a variety of subjects online, the teachers of my daughter have been most patient and supportive. They have overcome the virtual barriers and gone out of their way to add a personal touch to the learning experience.

They have come up with the most inventive ways of imparting education; from creating flower multiplication tables to creating a balanced diet with a thali, each one of their assignments is not only inspiring but highly informative as well.

I commend the teachers for their personal efforts in helping the children improve their diction and reading skills, their mental math skills and computer skills. We are very grateful to the school for creating such a holistic educational experience and for being true leaders for our children.

Kudos to the teachers for their dedication, support and love.

Parent: Ms. Meenakshi Ganesh
Student: Madhulika Ganesh
Class & Section: 3 C
Batch: 2021-22

Penning down a small note to express my sentiments about the ongoing classes. First & foremost, a heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers for the sincerity & hard work with which they are conducting the online classes. Your patience and persistence are giving the kids the right education during these testing times.

I am a fan of Goenkan teachers. The lengths you go to ensure that the kids not just attend the class but also understand the concepts well does not go unnoticed by parents.

An example I would like to quote (though there are many), during the Subtraction topic, the way the teacher explained the MSD concept, repeated it a no of times just to make sure the kids not only memorize but also grasp the concept, as it’s an important foundation for higher math, is commendable. She waits patiently till everyone copies from the board, more patiently asks if everyone has completed and then moves forward. This is a perfect example of an impartial and a mature teacher.

The teachers after completing the chapter, ask questions from the students. When the kids are not able to reply with the correct answers, I see them go silent with a very worried look on their face; not the look of irritation but rather a look of concern that the kids have not understood and they must! So, they proceed to explain the whole chapter yet again. They do not try to rush or blame the kids or move to another chapter, rather they repeat the whole chapter and then ask the same questions this ensuring that the kids are able to answer all the questions. If this is not an example of a selfless and motivated teacher, then I don’t know what is!

My gratitude can never be complete without thanking Ms. Manjeet Kaur (Headmistress - Junior School). We had all moved back to India after staying abroad for many years & Aryaman could not adapt to the climate here. Even the doctors told us that he will take a long time to adjust. It was Manjeet ma’am’s out of the box thinking and compassion that made her come up with ideas by making timing and conditions so flexible for Aryaman that he was up & running, jumping and excelling within a month. I owe you one for life Manjeet Ma’am. Eternally grateful.

All I have to say in the end is that the dedication, passion and unconditional love all the teachers have for the students, inspire me to become a better parent.

God bless & more strength to you all!

Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and youth. -Chanakya

Parent: Ritu Raj Kakar & Gautam Kakar
Student: Aryaman Kakar
Class & Section: 3 C
Batch: 2021-22

Anytime go for G.D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj. I put my son last year just a week before lockdown. My experience was amazing, beyond expectations. They have dedicated teachers who really work hard to improve each child. Their guidance and immense efforts were extraordinary during tough situation. Without any confusion, go for G.D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj.

Parent: Ms. Leena Chibber
Student: Devansh Chibber
Class & Section: 3 B
Batch: 2020-21

Thanks a lot, in these challenging and trying times, we must applaud the efforts put in by the teachers, teaching in different formats, adapting and helping the kids for complete online studies and most importantly not losing any patience in the whole run.

Parent: Ms. Nancy Sahni
Student: Arshdeep Singh Sahni
Class & Section: 7 B
Student: Ranveer Singh Sahni
Class & Section: 2 B
Batch: 2020-21

Heartfelt thanks to all the respected teachers for all your support and love you showered on kids through this whole year. It was such a tough and challenging time for all of you but all hard work and your dedication towards our kids is highly commendable. I thank once again all the teachers for everything. Our kids are blessed to be in your guidance.

Parent: Ms. Puja Narayan
Student: Kartik Narayan
Class & Section: 8 A
Batch: 2020-21

A heartfelt gratitude for your uninterrupted support, immense patience and unending encouragement.

It has been quite a challenging year for all. But it has proved that a teacher's magic exists outside the four walls of the classrooms. Thank you for all the guidance and support.

Parent: Ms.Jyotsna Dhingra
Student: Samaira Dhingra
Class & Section: 10 E
Batch: 2020-21

I would like to use this platform as an opportunity to sincerely appreciate and extend my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers of G.D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj for the Online classes. I am really thankful and appreciate the efforts of the school and faculty during the pandemic. The teachers have been extremely motivating in the entire online process and had become the driving forces for all the students.

Parent: Ms. Poonam Nigam
Student: Aanya Nigam
Class & Section: 7 A
Batch: 2020-21

G.D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj has great teachers. They are working very hard to bring the best to the children. Not only the best teachers in their subject but also very patient and loving. It didn’t take them long to really understand Mehak. Teaching online is not very easy but our teachers are doing their best to get each and every child involved.

Parent: Ms.Nitika Talwar
Student: Mehak Talwar
Class & Section: 4 E
Batch: 2020-21

I would like to applaud all the teachers G.D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj for their tireless effort towards the online education of our children. I completely understand how tedious this new methodology is and has increased the workload on teachers’ manifolds, yet we see teachers always smiling and extending unconditional support for the development of each child in class, be it PPT or any other means of interactive learning. I am sure that the teachers have taken out time from their personal leisure time (if they get any) to ensure all this happens on regular and timely basis.

I sincerely appreciate the efforts of all the teachers. This year has been very challenging for them and they all have done a fabulous job in facing and overcoming those challenges. You all made the new mode of education a cake walk for children by making learning fun and simple. Interaction between students and teachers were not limited to academics that helped children open up to their teachers and build a good rapport. Thank you all once again for your dedicated efforts.

Thanks to all the wonderful teachers and entire Goenkan management.

Parent: Ms. Ridhi Khanna Bhagia
Student: Ridhan Bhagia
Class & Section: 5 B
Batch: 2020-21

She was very low after reaching university because everything was new and unknown. The thing that she missed the most about school was not the friends, because she lost touch with most of them as soon as school was over, but what she missed most were the lessons school taught, not just the subjects but life lessons. The person that she is today is because of G.D. Goenka Public School. The rapport that she made with her class teacher, in whatever time that they had, has helped her evolve. I am truly grateful and thank all the teachers for the hard work they put in and for being a home away from home for my daughter. Sending you love

Parent: Shivani Dua & Ashwani Dua
Student: Suhana Dua
Class & Section: 12 C
Batch: 2018-19

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