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With an endeavour to help our Goenkan family, we aspire to provide a platform and an enriching experience for the students to pair their creativity with their passion and digital designing skills!! By combining the elements of art, creativity, and passion with technology we present before you the DZGN club!!

With a world where new and unique innovations and creations spurt up every second, we seek to create a link between the various talents acquired by the students and at the same time help them adapt to the ever so changing technological universe! We provide a pathway for students to showcase their aptitude digitally via graphics, posters, videos, animations, websites and the list goes on! In this tremendously advancing cosmos, we at the DZGN club venture to provide endless scope to our fellow Goenkans! The club also aims at organising various competitions, so… STICK AROUND with us to get an insight into the not so far highly developed and futuristic domain!!

DZGN Team – 2022 – 23

President: Arnav Garg (XII-B)

Vice President: Charvi Singhal (XI-E)

Secretary: Navvya (X-C)

Club Members:Vivaan Sethi – VII-D, Saanvi Chhabra – IX-A, Amolieka Narang – IX-C, Aishwarya Khandelwal – IX-D, Aashi – IX-D, Raima Sabharwal – IX-E, Krisha Khanna – X-C, Abhimaanyu Arora – X-C, Siya Rai – X-C , Adyant Jain – XI-A, Rushil Saini – XII-B


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