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Every passing day introduces us to a new and innovative scientific and technological advancement. As we live in an age of technical revolution, it is essential to nurture and develop the scientific temperament of the children. With this aim in mind, the SCIENCE INNOVATION CLUB at GDGPS, VK encourages and provides opportunities to students as well as teachers to express their creative abilities in the field of science. The SCIENCE INNOVATION CLUB provides the right atmosphere to germinate the seeds of curiosity that nature has sown in the young minds.

Apart from the various science activities that children are guided to perform, the SIC offers a plethora of opportunities to them to satiate their scientific appetite. Astronomy and Electronics are an integral part of SIC. Visits to Planetarium, National Science Museum, Nuclear Science Centre, IUAC, Observatories, factories and biodiversity parks is a regular feature.

Over the years, children have not only participated in various inter-school and intra-school competitions but have also learnt to organise science quizzes, symposiums and exhibitions. We encourage the children to research on the topics of their own interests and present their findings in the club. To identify the problems faced by society and to find a relevant scientific solution for the same is an important aspect nurtured in the club.

During the past challenging year, students were encouraged to participate in various online webinars, competitions and astronomical observations. Saturn Jupiter conjunction and world asteroid day were celebrated enthusiastically along with the rest of the world. Students completed Level I, II and III of Night sky evaluation conducted by SDRO (Scientific Development and Research Organisation), Five children attended a week-long program on Big Bang Physics conducted by ISRO and many other online activities.

Every year, the SIC members add stars to the club by winning individual awards as well as group awards.

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