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“An editor doesn’t just read, he reads well, and reading well is a creative, powerful act.” -Susan Bell

The Editorial Club functions with the aim to showcase the literary, artistic and creative aptitude of the learners across all grades of the Primary, Middle and Senior Wing. Ever since its inception, the Club has played an integral role in brilliantly producing the school’s annual magazine. For the members of the Editorial Club, it is an opportunity to learn and master new things, and delve deeper into unexplored territory. They learn how to work as a team, put aside differences, delegate work, shoulder responsibility, be creative and, above all, hone their language skills. The student editors work in active partnership. Through regular brainstorming sessions, the team comes up with a number of innovative ideas for the content and design of the magazine. In the process, they learn, too, the art of persuasion, diplomacy, acknowledgement and respect for diverse viewpoints. What is most heartening is the spirit of camaraderie that binds them as they work towards a shared goal? Their year-long planning, organising and execution culminate each year with the issue of the annual magazine. For years now, the Goenkan school magazine has been eagerly awaited and appreciated for its rich content, vibrant aesthetics and showcasing beautifully the Goenkan ethos.

In the previous academic session, due to the unexpected and unprecedented pandemic lockdown, the club had to transition to the online mode. The learners were quick to realise the need to change, ergo they adapted to it, and the work on the magazine began early in the term, albeit in a slightly modified form. Members were enrolled into the club and periodic meetings were held, presided over by the teachers in-charge. Using the platforms of Google Meet, Whatsapp and emails, the student editors, designers and journalists got down to work. The result was Spectrum, the e-magazine. The draft of the online magazine was put together and with encouragement from Mrs Bhakuni, the Principal, and Mrs Rohina Shah, Media Visibility Head, the first edition of the e-magazine was released online. The next issue released in the second term was also based on a similar pattern. The idea of an e-magazine that gives ease of access along with fascinating content, was received with great vigour. Owing to the overwhelmingly positive response in the previous academic session, it only seemed propitious for the Editorial Club to begin working on the next issue for the current session. With an aim to explore contemporary, inspiring and diverse themes this time as well, it will feature a range of topics in pursuit of creativity. The teacher-mentors are equally dedicated in guiding the editorial team members, right from inviting entries from ardent writers, judiciously selecting, editing and designing the issue at hand, and fine-tuning it for release.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Management, the Principal, the In-charges, Heads of Departments and all our colleagues for their constant motivation and support, and also for welcoming this exciting initiative with open minds and hearts.

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