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The Junior Juno international project in Pandura, Sri Lanka!

Making us proud with their comprehensive knowledge & flair in the German language, our German scholars recently attended the German Youth Camp organized by Goethe Institute as part of the Junior Juno international project in Pandura, Sri Lanka!

Vainavi Jain, Kirpal Kaur, Rishab Bisht, and Ishaan Singla from class 10D represented our school in this enlightening 5-day program, uniting with peers from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Together, they delved into captivating subjects such as robotics, technology, energy, and space.

Renowned German scientist, Mr. Joachim Hecker, led engaging experiments, making science come alive for our students. The camp also emphasized intercultural skills, diversity, and the profoundness of the German language. Kudos to our German learners for their impressive participation!


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