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10 Students entered the second level of the Korean Quiz held at the Korean Cultural Center India. 50 Schools from Delhi and NCR participated in groups of 10 each. The first round was a written round. Aryan Gupta from Class XI was the winner from our school and entered the second round. Students enjoyed the day long experience as they were exposed to Korean culture, dress, cuisine and games like taekwondo where they were taught the art of self defense.

Have you ever experienced – nervousness and excitement – together?

Because that is how we felt right before we entered the Korean Culture Centre.

It was a cool day for this time of summer. We were greeted by cheerful faces and “Anyeong” which is Korean for Hello.

We were enamored by the infrastructure of the centre. With beautiful murals adorning their walls and a vast library, we were soon immersed in their culture.

Soon we gave the exam for which we had prepared for over a month. This competition was initiated to exchange cultures, traditions and ideas between two countries with similar historical backgrounds.

After the exam, some activities were organized for us. We played Korean games wearing traditional Korean dresses – Hanbok. We also attended a class of taekwondo and munched on ping-su – Korean sundae ice cream.

Then in the second part of the quiz we witnessed some interesting questions and prompt answers by the students. Amazing it was to see their high-tech buzzer systems. In the end, their director personally congratulated and presented all the teachers with souvenirs from the ten schools present there. It was an enriching experience which was evident from the fact that we didn’t want to come back.

We do hope that many more cultural exchange programs will be held, so that we become exposed to different cultures and becomes GLOBAL CITIZENS.

Tarini S Budhraja   XI-B

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