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Nurture Nature’s Perfectness – HT Student Edition

Reyan Gupta’s passionate plea for saving the planet  found a rightful place in the Hindustan Times, 2 June 2022, as we see him extorting the people to love, care and nurture the planet Earth in all its pristine beauty and experience true bliss in the company of nature.

Giving full vent to his creativity, Reyan from class 9 C , writing on the topic, ‘If I had a Magic Wand’, points out that Nature is perfect, the way it is and tampering or changing any aspect of Mother Earth would be foolhardy, as one needs to have an eye for experiencing ecstasy in the lap of nature, whether it’s the wondrous  tall mountains or the exquisite sunshine  falling delicately on the plains or the mesmerizing variety of flora and fauna.

Reyan’s thought –provoking ideas compel us to rethink how we need to look at our bountiful earth and preserve its perfectness before it’s too late!


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