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MATH WEEK – mathematica

As a part of Math Week celebrations,”Mathematicia”, G.D. Goenka Public School, recently organised

Inter House Maths Quiz for the students of class IX and X

The event was inaugurated by the Head of the Department of Mathematics, Mr.Bansal and the Senior most  Faculty Mr.Joshi.

Each Team (House) was represented by two students from class IX and two students from class X.

The programme comprised of 5 Rounds of MCQ’s, two rounds of Problem Solving followed by the Rapid Fire Round.

Teresa House represented by Varnit Jain, Medha Goswami, Sidartha S.P. and Sejal Goel emerged as winners followed by the R.K House represented by Shreyam Taneja, Suhana Dua, Uday Goel and Anika Misra in the Second position  and Tagore House represented by Suhana Dhingra, Aakanksha Garg, Rahul Shah and Tanishq Bansal in  Third position.

While students of class X were the audience, students of class XI volunteered for scoring, comparing and conducting the Quiz.

Mrs. Poonam Wadhwani, the senior Faculty of the Department, appreciated all the participants for their team work and Competitive spirit, and announced the results amidst a loud round of applause.

Power Point Presentation for the students of class IX on the topic “Maths in Sports”

The presentation included animations, video clippings and slides on various sports like Cricket, Basketball, Golf and Baseball. Mathematical Concepts in these games were very well explained in detail with appropriate figures.

The school Principal Mr.Sanjay  Yadav and the Vice Principal, Mrs. Swadesh Kumar, on seeing the presentation appreciated the collective efforts taken by the students and the teachers from the Department of Mathematics, who organised the event.

Aryan Malhotra and Raj Bansal of class X worked on the presentation as well as compared the event with Anshul Shastri and Parth K.Gupta of class X. Also Shivam Lahoti and Harkrit Singh of class XI shared their presentation on TIPS & SHORTCUTS in solving questions in Maths.

The programme came to end with a loud round of applause, by the students and the teachers who thoroughly enjoyed the show.


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