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The much awaited GDGIMUN 2022 at GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj was an
abundance of energy , vivacity and exuberance, leading to an invigorating three day
educational extravaganza.
The traditional bonhomie and camaraderie among participants of different schools saw
them light up the school campus with in- depth discussions on international affairs.
their command over which, makes them fit candidates to be youth leaders.
Metamorphosed into a world stage, the eight committees , namely, IAEA, IWC, GA, SC,
IOSCO, AIPPM, CIA, and HRC became a hotbed for discussions on burning topics of
conflicts like Russia- Ukraine, China's Silent Control over Taiwan, NATO and USA etc..
Diplomatic moves and strategic maneuvers were all part of the resolutions arrived at
for different world issues .
The chief guest on day two of the conference, Col Raj Kumar was enthralled with the
meticulous planning and execution of the work of different committees and motivated
the children to carry on with the same gusto and dedication , so as to be torchbearers
for the youth of the country.
The event had a befitting finale on the third day when the chief guest for the day
Captain Alok Bansal, Director of India Foundation, lauded the efforts of the school for
putting up a spectacular representation of UN. On seeing the children don the hats of
different world leaders, he said that the scenes in GDGIMUN were reminiscent of the
actual scenes of the UN General Assembly.

The scintillating dance performance was much appreciated and the award ceremony,
felicitating winners for Special Mention, High Commendation and best delegates,
brought the conference to a splendid close.

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