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We realize that in today’s hyper-competitive world, no opportunity to build an advantage can be missed and so to uphold the values of distinction and excellence in the field of education, the Goenkan Mentorship Program has been introduced. This unique initiative allows students to experience new vistas and develop their interests under the guidance and support of professionals and accomplished individuals. Our students of Grade 12 had the privilege of meeting Ms. Shivani Aggarwal, a young entrepreneur and Fashion Designer. Founder of the clothing brand ANI, which was featured recently in the Paris Fashion Week, Ms. Shivani conducted an enriching interaction with our enthusiastic students. A visit to an Export House and understanding the dynamics of the Fashion industry and the entertainment world was a special experience for the students. Ms. Shivani took the opportunity to share with them the story of her life and the mentoring became more relevant as she encouraged each to pursue their passion and fulfill their dreams. Ms Shivani Aggarwal inspired the students to be confident, creative, innovative, and willing to take risks. She explained the concepts of business and finance in the Fashion industry and shared the latest fashion trends too. Our students gave a very positive feedback to her and Sparsh Jain shared ideas in Marketing with her to strategies further. Samaira Sarin called it a good learning experience. Arjun Taneja was motivated by her inspiring story and Sanya Khanna appreciated the extremely interactive session. This Mentorship Program was highly rewarding for the students as they are still in touch with the mentor.


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