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Sewa Bharti Summer Camps

Class X CBSE Achievers
May 30, 2018
CBSE Class XII Results 2018
June 25, 2018

These summer vacations were extremely eventful as well as special for the class XI students. Conducting summer camps and workshops for underprivileged children of India’s biggest NGO, Sewa Bharti was definitely an eye opener for our students. They taught various subjects like English, Hindi, Maths, French as well as engaged in extra curricular activities such as music, dance, art, physical education, computers and so much more in various centres at Malviya Nagar, Jawahar Nagar, Interpuri and Chattarpur. In addition to teaching, some students even developed curriculum for the Sewa Bharti schools further contributing to their academic growth and development.

Hearing it from the team:
Hello all! This is Ananya Aggarwal of class 11. It’s a common misconception that working for a NGO is just going to a slum area and teaching poor kids but to my surprise, the actual experience was not like this at all. I went there as a teacher but I came back as a learner. The experience was so wonderfully different ….we played we danced we drew, shared funny stories and most importantly we Connected. Despite living such a hard life, the kids were so enthusiastic and interested in learning and participating in each and every activity we had organised. It was a great experience all together, completely different from my regular lifestyle, which opened a window showing me a different road which can lead me to a successful and meaningful path.

My experience at Sewa Bharti has truly been incredible. The dedication and diligence with which the students worked not only left me amazed but in fact contributed to my personal growth as a student. The whole experience of sharing the limited knowledge we have and seeing others benefit from it was priceless ; It made me realise the immense power we hold as individuals. The warm environment created by the children and my co-volunteers has enormously contributed to my personal growth.

Before coming to the NGO, I had so many thoughts tangled up in my mind. “Will I be able to teach?” “Will I be able to make them understand?” “Will my teaching interest them?” , the thought process goes on and on. When I stepped into the NGO, there was a certain energy in the kids that gave out such a motivating and positive vibe. I taught them about the ice age, about dinosaurs and how they’re extinct, I taught a few kids the spellings of the numbers from one to twenty, and as a reward, I asked them to draw out ice creams of any number that I gave them. It was the huge smile on their faces after accomplishing something that motivated me to come every day, a bright spark in their eyes that made me teach them with such enthusiasm and an eager face that simply made me enjoy what I taught. I took back a bunch of knowledge from the kids, I took back the spirit to learn from them, I took back gratitude, most importantly, I took back friendship. One thing that I would always hold close to my heart would be of one day, when I’d come a little late to the centre, and when I came, all the kids got up and each one of them hugged me individually and had such a big smile on their faces. The emotion I felt then was surreal and can’t be put into words. Thank you, Sewa Bharti, not only for giving me the experience to teach such enthusiastic kids, but also to learn and appreciate things in life that are far beyond my school textbooks. Thank you.

It was our first day at the NGO, the children there were too excited to meet the volunteers, we all came in; the children’s enthusiasm and high spirit genuinely put us at our 100%, working towards their development and growth.
Not only did we learn about the capabilities of a tender, young mind but, the value of a teacher, Guru, who act as impressionist on their young minds. A good teacher is a thousand times more important than a good student, at sewa it was our duty to play the role of a good guru, transforming the students into better ones

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