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Visit To The National Museum

Group Activity By Students Of Class X
September 4, 2019
Macbeth – Play By Class VIII-C
September 5, 2019

Everyone filled into the class on the morning of 23rd August 2019, full of excitement for the much-awaited visit to the history museum. After the first period, we all took our bags and boarded the bus. We all enjoyed our ride to the museum, and before we knew it we finally reached the museum. We visited many sections of the museum and saw artifacts from different centuries. We saw statues of Natraja, Buddha, God Vishnu, Shiv lingas, Goddess Parvati, etc. We also visited a Buddhist section, where we saw people worshipping and the statues of Buddha made of gold, which was beautiful.

We visited a naval section and saw the various ships and flags of British India. We visited the section with Mughal Paintings and admired the colors and creativity of the artists of that time. There were paintings of kings, queens, princes and princesses. However, unfortunately, the section with Mughal jewelry was closed and we were all very upset but the last section we visited excited us the most. It was the Harappan Civilization section. We all were very enthusiastic about this section since we had studied about the topic this year and it was something we could relate to. The highlight of this section was the real skeleton from the civilization that had been carefully preserved.

Our history teacher, Ms. Rakhi Sharma, had told us while teaching us the chapter that we would be seeing the skeleton and even told us how we know that it is a skeleton of a female. The pelvic region of the skeleton indicated the gender and also the shell bangles that can still be identified.

It was a very knowledgeable experience and we are very thankful for Rakhi ma’am and the school for planning this wonderful day for us.

Manya Makhija(12-G)

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