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A Visit To The National Museum

August 31, 2018
Junior Boys Zonal Competition- Vocal
September 7, 2018

On 7th August 2018, we we went for an excursion to the National Museum. Going to national museum, as a history student made me see the place with a whole new perspective . Whatever we have studied was in front of our eyes. It projected as the specimen of our glorious past.

When we entered the museum , we were greeted by various ancient sculptures. It gave a very authentic feel to it’s look. We visited various sections which included , Naval history, Harrapan and Indus Valley Civilization, Paintings of early india, Bronze paintings nd so on.

The excavated things of Mohen-jo-daro and Harappa were also kept there. To depict the culture of Harappa and Mohen-jo-daro there were tools, earthen pots, ornaments and other important items. There were also the remains of old and new Stone Age.
We even saw a female skeleton and discussed how hostorians figure out the anatomy of the various bones nd skeletons they find.
There were paintings of Rama, Laxman and Sita, Draupadi Cheer Haran, Krishna with his Gopikas, Yashodhara etc There were paint­ings belonging to Mughal period beautifully painted There were manu­scripts of Ashokan period , the Bhagwat Puran, the Gupta period etc.

This visit to the museum broadened my horizons for my subject. It was a very knowledgeable and learning experience and i would definitely like to visit the museum again.

-Apeksha Raina

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