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A Visit to Humayun’s Tomb

Indian orchestra group, 1st prize in zonal music competition 2016.
September 6, 2016
September 8, 2016

As we approached the Historic Monument, waves of eeriness overcame all of us, as if we could feel the palpable presence of a story, almost tangible. The Humayun’s Tomb is a sight of not just visual and educational appeal, it is also an experience that throttles your mind back to the past. With the cracks in the red sandstone pavement, we began our journey into history. 

Before the grand finale, i.e. the Tomb itself, we made a few detours to the different ancient monuments dotted across the property. As if they were the entrees to a the main course, visiting these places before the Humayun’s Tomb made the experience even more enriching. Our first stop was, the more modest in size but as impressive, Tomb of Isa Khan. There, we bumped into a few locals who were much too familiar with these ancient grounds, as they had been frequenting the Tomb for 60 years. We also saw the ruins of the gateway of Bu Halima’s enclosure and, the grandness of this mammoth door, took our breath away. We visited a few more tombs and structures and then finally made our way to the apex of our trip.

A great arch opened into the sight that had us awestruck. The perfectly symmetrical architecture, the use of a water passage and fountains to lead us to the steps, the contrasting white marble and red sandstone, it all awoke a great huger of curiosity inside us. In a line, we climbed up the steps and reached the magnificent structure. We took a round of the arches and then went inside, to peer at the tombs. As our voices echoed in the room where the graves lay, our minds echoed with the knowledge about a place we had, until now, just read about in our textbooks. 

On the bus ride back to school, you could see in the eyes of all the students that their perception of their country was now much more enriched and, their minds had widened with a glimpse of their heritage. This little excursion helped us soak up history in a brand new way. The knowledge we gained from this trip made us far richer in terms of culture and it’s an experience that, I believe, is essential for every student wanting to learn about their heritage.

Meher Dev (12th F) 


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