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NaariNarayani – An Art Exhibition

CBSE Capacity Building Workshop
November 5, 2018
Fotographia – International Film and Photography award
November 15, 2018

Women’s participation and contribution to this world has been a timeless and tremendous especially in Indian
society and culture. Women always held a responsible, respectful and divine status and position. To bring it to reality the power of women ‘NaariNarayani’ concept was exhibited in form of art exhibition which aims to display the divinity of women. Ten women artists from India and Australia were invited from 26th of October to 1st of November 2018, held at Bombay Art Society, Bandra, Mumbai. Surrounded by 10 of talented women Artists , the creative works of Mrs Sonali Bose, the Art teacher of our School was the highlight of the show. Her works were highly appreciated by media and press along with the daily articles about her contribution depicting women empowerment was talked about. Our congratulations to her.

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