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The Senior School Inter House Debate was the grand finale for April 2022 being celebrated as

English Month. The theme for the month was Change Is Constant and the students from class

9,10 and 12 were totally in sync with this idea. The extremely relevant topic for the debate was “Real conversations are more important than digital interactions. “

The teams from the four Houses had very strong content and each Speaker for and against the topic had very convincing points to support their views.

Taking a stand , requires conviction, confidence and commitment to the opinion. The expressive and eloquent speakers touched a nerve with the attentive judges and audience as each has tried to find a balance between the beauty of real interactions and the scope of digital outreach.

The Principal, Mrs Meenakshi Bhakuni appreciated the efforts of the debaters and found them to be effective and impactful.

The First Position went to Teresa House and the Best Speaker positions were also announced.

Ananya Kashyap Class 12, Rabanee Gujral Class 12 and Divyaans Pasari of class 10 were awarded for their views expressed with finesse and excellent expressions.

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