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Reyan Scores an Ace in Artificial Intelligence!

Reyan Gupta of class 9C has accomplished a unique feat by completing
his Data Science Diploma in Machine Learning and has become the
youngest child from north India to do so at the age of 13 .
According to Reyan, "The machine learning module I have learnt to
work on data sets, in which I have learnt supervised machine learning
as well as unsupervised ml, so topics like clustering data and association
of data and taking out the accuracy of data sets using K-means and
decision tree for projects like airline passenger satisfaction using
random forest, I have made 100 projects using different concepts of
numpy, panda, matplotlib, seaborn, sklearn and other machine learning
I had to learn concepts of factorial, probability , statistics and
trigonometry which was ahead of my class 9 syllabus, but I studied 3
hours a day so that I could learn machine learning. It has been an
arduous and tiring journey, but I have learnt one important lesson
through it all, that if you have the drive and God is by your side , then
nothing is impossible."
Heartiest Congratulations Reyan , your success story will surely be an
inspiration to others ! G D Goenka is truly proud of you!

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