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Era of Shakespeare

A riveting performance by the senior students of G D Goenka Public School showcased the unparalleled contribution of William Shakespeare to the world of theatre in the Special Assembly on Shakespeare premiered online on 23 April 2021.

The ‘Era of Shakespeare’ was recreated by the children as they took us to his place of birth, talked about his early life, his interest in theatre, and from source of his ideas for wonderful plots. The show included a PowerPoint presentation on Macbeth and the Role of the Supernatural in Shakespeare’s plays, Mark Antony’ s historic speech from Julius Caesar at his funeral as also a short presentation of his famous quotes and aphorisms.

A befitting end to the assembly was the enthralling presentation of the ‘court scene ‘of Shakespeare’s classic play “The Merchant of Venice” portraying Portia disguised as Dr Balthazar, outwitting Shylock at his own game.

The credit for the grand success of the assembly goes to the immensely talented children of our school who brought the spirit of Shakespeare alive on the stage and took us back to the Elizabethan era!

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