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Compost Pit

The students of Class 5 were studying about Conservation of Natural Resources in EVS.They were very concerned about the sorry state in which Earth is today.They were hopeful when they realised that they could make a difference too.So it was decided that they would be ‘Environmental Police’ and try to save the environment, in their own simple ways.They took permission from Principal sir  to make a Compost Pit in the school field.A patch was selected and with the help of the gardener, Madhav BHAIYA, a pit was dug.The children wore gloves n brought their own spades n toy shovels to help in the digging.They carried boxes containing peels of fruits n vegetables and filled the pit with it.It was then covered with soil for the decomposers to work on it and make it manure. The place was marked with a wooden signboard. It should be ready in a year.The children really enjoyed the activity and also learnt of precautions to be taken to undertake such an activity.

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