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Sewa Bharti Workshops During Summer Vacations

Inter- School French Festival
July 19, 2019
Let’s Tango With Merry Mr Mango!
July 23, 2019

Sewa Bharti, as the title explains itself. Service to the people. Giving back to the community. The Goenkans, used this platform of sewa bharti to learn and give back to a society that has been an integral part of their upbringing. Over 80 Goenkans, spread across different parts of delhi, establishments of Sewa Bharti at Chattarpur, Malviya Nagar, Punjabi Bagh,Inderpuri,Vasant Kunj, Dwarka,etc. took forward this journey with Sewa Bharti with another successful camp over the summer. They collectively went to centres and taught the children different things, including drama,music and dance. A few enthusiastic kids from the basti also attempted at learning French.
The crucial years of school life sum up to Class-10,11,12. The goenkans at Sewa Bharti made sure that kids from Class 10,11 and 12 got the extra required attention.
The goenkans didn’t just teach, they made memories and friends and to them that felt like the greatest accomplishment.


I spent a few days of my summer holidays going to Sewa Bharti. Despite of immense heat during those days, i really enjoyed going because of the wonderful, sweet, talented and smart kids there. They learned everything quickly. Seeing them smile made me extremely happy. We even played games like sit/stand, pass in the parcel, football etc with them. It was a completely different and memorable experience.
-Pari Batra (XI-D)

Teaching kids is one of the most noble tasks that a student can do in his/her life.For some people the true meaning of life is the joy of giving. I am thankful to our school for giving us, the students such a great popular .I truly loved teaching the children of all age groups all the subjects at Seva Bharti.It was a difficult to translate the scientific terms from English to Hindi for easy explanation, but their laugh seeing me struggle made me laugh as well.They gave me cards which filled my heart with immense joy by looking at their raw talent in drawing .The other volunteers and I used to teach the students under no fan yet I heard no one complain ,this is the power of volunteering .We used to get sweets ,cold water, treats ,notebooks , pens, crayons and what not for them just to see the beautiful smile of theirs.

“ The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

– Priyanka Himatsingka (XI C)

a scintillating beam of hope,
in a sky so void of it.

1947. The year that ended up changing a lot of lives. The year that we gained independence, the year one nation became two and the year that left millions bereft of their homes and saw an unprecedented rate of violence as everyone struggled to find a place for themselves on the right side of the border.

A lot has changed in the 72 years since independence. But there is little change in the sphere of education. It is still seen as a privilege and not a right by the Indian population.

Sewa Bharti, an NGO that I recently had the pleasure of working with showed me a different side to India. An India that still exists and has existed since independence.

I met children that were really eager to learn and grasp concepts faster than I did at their age.

I did my best in mentoring them, being their friend, and at times, filling the shoes of an elder sister, someone that they could talk to without hesitation.

There was one girl in that center that told me that her parents don’t allow her to read and only want her to engage in studying the subjects prescribed by the school.
This is not just an isolated story, but it is the story of millions of girls across the nation the stories that we often unknowingly overlook.

In the beginning, I felt extremely nervous at meeting them, but all of the children there accepted me faster than I could imagine and within 5 minutes of my conversation with them I felt as though I had known them for years and all my nervousness seemed to flow out the window at that very instant.

Every day of that summer vacation was a day well spent for me, and I wished that those two hours that I volunteered would never end.

The last day of the camp was very emotional for all of us at the center. I remember the smallest kid who was in class 2, clutching the end of my shirt and hugging me. Many others got a handwritten card by them written in English, a language that we put emphasis on teaching the entire month.

I remember when I walked into the center on my last day the children that I taught came up to me and greeted me “good afternoon” in English and made me read out fairy tales to them so that they could translate them in English. They had become an integral part of my day, and I can wholeheartedly say that volunteering at Sewa Bharti was the best vacation of my life for it gave me connections that will probably be the most valuable and closest to my heart all my life.

– Advityaa Makkar(XI-E)

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