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Spani Quiz Conducted At DPS International, Saket

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October 25, 2019
ECO FRIENDLY DIWALI.. the need of the hour
October 30, 2019

Adyant Jain and Arihant Jain of class 8- C participated in Spani quiz conducted in DPS International, Saket on 18/10/19 and won third position.

Divyansh Pasara of class 7-A participated in Carácter de Facto event in DPS INTERNATIONAL, Saket on Friday and got a participation certificate.

Aizza Gulati – 9-E Participated in Spanish POP Art competition and was awarded a participation certificate.

Deepshikha Sharma 6-E Gunnika Hans 6-E. Sana Bareja 5-B. Saanvie Sachdeva 5-C. participated in Spanish Recitation Competition in DPS International Saket and were given participation certificates.

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