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Inter House (Junior Girls) Basketball Tournament 2015-16

Maths play-Class VI B
June 7, 2016
outstanding performance in swimming
June 12, 2016

The Inter House (Junior Girls) Basketball Tournament had been held in the Month of May where RadhaKrishan House won the tournament.


  • Shreya Jain             VIII A
  • Lavanya D’Souza     VII D
  • Simran Satija          VIII A
  • Bhumi Anand         VIII D
  • Tanishq Balhara     VII E
  • Fatima Dar              VII B
  • Tushina Rupani       VII C
  • Suhavee Sethi          VII C
  • Michelle Teotia        VIII A
  • Ambika Nanda         VIII A
  • Khushi Gupta           VIII C

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