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FIT INDIA SCHOOL WEEK (25th-29th November, 2019)

Learning About Traffic Signs and Signals
November 27, 2019
Follow up workshop of ‘Innovative Pathshala’ workshop by COE ,CBSE
December 2, 2019

“Success and fitness are closely connected. All successful people are fit. Body fit hai toh mind hit hai,” Narendra Modi.

The Fit India School Week Programme was launched by the Hon’able Prime Minister across the country. Partaking in the said philosophy, G.D. Goenka School, Vasant Kunj planned various activities like Yoga, Free Hand Exercise Sessions, Aerobics, Dance, Gardening, Poster making, Essay Writing, Quiz, and other Indigenous Games from 25th- 29th November, 2019.

The week long fitness programme commenced with a Yoga session, a 5000 years old discipline to improve one’s inherent power and to attain complete self-realization. Different asanas were taught to the learners. The session was conducted in the Morning Assembly to help them learn various postures and relaxation techniques followed by a talk by the Sports Department facilitators on the benefits of a balanced diet. Freehand exercises have a tonic effect on the muscles and internal organs of our body, toning up the circulatory and muscular systems deeming beneficial in safeguarding the general health of the body. This lesson was well learnt by the young minds during the Morning Assembly hours.

If workout be the food of healthy body, then creativity be the food of soul.

“Fit Body-Fit Mind-Fit Environment” was the theme of the Poster Making competition wherein the creative minds were at work to create thought provoking artwork to project their awareness on health issues. It is rightly said, “Consciousness expresses itself through creation”.

“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance,” says Oprah Winfrey, but we say why stop there? Other outdoor activitieslike aerobics, martial arts and gardening equally contribute in training the brain as well as the body’s motor skills. The dance and aerobic sessions planned for the students greatly helped in regulating their general well-being, enhancing their social skills and boosting self-esteem.

Planting of one tree equates to saving numerous lives in this polluted environment. The Tree Planting Activity proved to be a success as the children realized that planting and saving trees expresses a concern to the environment and diminishes the unfavorable effects of climatic changes.

Physical and mental exercises go hand-in-hand, ergothe learners were engaged in the writing process through Essay Writing activity that provided them with an avenue to express their innate thoughts on why the said initiative was made a part of the curriculum.

A quiz is a game which can also be called a mind sport wherein the players, either as individuals or in teams attempt to answer questions. The invigorated mindsthoroughly enjoyed a fun filled Inter-House Sports-Quiz. It was a delight to see the extent of general knowledge the young Goenkans posses in the field of sports. Be it Cricket, Hockey, Polo, Skiing, Volleyball or Football, they proved to be well-versed.

Having ignited the initial spark, the outdoor activities continued to interest the learners. Once started, there was no looking back. They indulged in the sports with the roots being very much Indian, namely Pitthu, Arm Wrestling and Rope Skipping.

The journey that today’s learners have embarked upon, brings with it challenges plentiful. And this week brought with it the kind of zeal that had the potential toinspire them for continuing to conquer their fears by keeping themselves healthy, fit and happy.

“Hard work, will power and dedication. For a man with these qualities, sky is the limit.”

-Milkha Singh

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