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January 25, 2018
January 29, 2018

Many a times we find ourselves in a situation where someone suddenly gets hurt or in need of medical help. At such times we must know what action needs to be taken in that situation. Therefore students of class 5 were very eager and happy to learn ways in which they could be helpful. After learning about ‘Safety and First Aid’ they put together all the items necessary for making a First Aid Box. They were then given situations and victims to whom they had to administer First Aid. They applied their learning to help, in role play, victims of deep cuts and wounds, sprains, fractures, snake bites, burns, nose bleeds, choking etc. They learnt how to tie a tourniquet and a crepe bandage and how to dress cuts n wounds. They also demonstrated how they would react in case of various kinds of fires.

In the course of doing this lesson many shared that they were able to administer First Aid to class mates who hurt themselves in the playground or who had a nose bleed in school before reaching the medical room.They know that keeping calm, using their presence of mind and knowledge of safety and First Aid, will be of great help at such times.

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