Most Goenkans are studying in prestigious colleges National and International universities. We have many IITians in our Alumni like Yakeen Mirchandani, Saurav Aggarwal, Abha Rajan and Abhilasha Sinha.

Our students are at prestigious DCE, National Law School, SRCC, St. Stephens College, LSR and JMC. Many are pursuing higher studies at USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore. Goenkans from the first few batches are successful entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Designers, Musicians, Singers, Doctors and Engineers, Counsellor’s and Educators. Mr. Nipun Goenka from the batch of 2004 is the Managing Director of the G.D.Goenka group of schools.

Apart from Academic achievements, the school has attained laurels in cultural events too. Many have made a mark for themselves in Sports and Athletic events at the National and International level.

In G.D. Goenka, counseling services are given the foremost importance as it aims at drawing the best in each child for the utmost development of character and personality.

Personalized counseling is provided to the students to manage emotional turmoils of their daily life. Everyday stress and anxiety is dealt with relaxation therapies given to them. Techniques like Progressive  Relaxation and Deepening methods ensure that our students are equipped to handle any kind of exam anxiety or stressful situation in their lives. We make sure that child develops a wholesome personality by working on different spheres of his life i.e. social, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual and blossom as a good human being.

Students are given an insight and guidance to search for the purpose of their life and positive affirmations are given to achieve it. Motivational techniques are employed to keep students focused on their aim and management of time and stress in their life helps to maximize their potential.

Parents and teachers are involved and counseled on a regular basis for a better understanding of adolescence and to bridge the gap between generations. Regular workshops, meetings equip them with better communication skills and update them with the current trends. In a way, a three pillar structure of confidence and intellectual suggestibility is created for the smooth transition of adolescence into a productive adulthood.


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